How My Home Management Binder Has Simplified My Life

A home management binder has been pretty popular for a few years now. I do not know why I never made one sooner. As a more type A personality and a list maker by nature I crave the structure so one of my New Years goals last year was to make a home management binder of my own. 

3 reasons to consider making a home management binder

I went the entire year of 2014 using it and let me tell you it has truly changed the way I feel. My home looks better, my kids get more mommy time and I find less time is wasted in my day wondering around just reading from my daily to do list, which was always made the night before from one extremely tired mom. 

3 Reasons To Consider Making a Home Management Binder

Make it work for you. Not all of us are alike so your home management binder does not need to be like everyone else’s. I searched for what I knew were my must haves. 

The below sections were all I needed. Now I know more home management binders that are way more elaborate than mine. I started simple and it was all that I needed to stay focused. 

My sections include:

I felt more accomplished. I write my monthly and weekly items every Sunday for that week depending on the section. The night before just consolidate it on to my daily to do glance sheet for the next day.

No more thinking of all I needed to to do just for the next day. I never felt like I had to tackle my entire house cleaning or forget to run an errand and even what was for dinner that night since they were mapped out for me on my monthly or weekly sheets.

The overwhelming-ness faded. 

I had more time! Yes, more time, free time for me or my husband and my kids. It took me about 2 months to really get into the flow of planning for an entire month or week. Once I got into the groove, it was like everything was on auto.

My house was cleaner since it was scheduled, my meals were easy since they were planned so on and so on. I had more time, which really helped me overcome some mommy and wife guilt. 

How do you keep yourself organized?

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