Holiday Beauty Tips for Moms

Holiday Beauty Tips for Moms

We all know that the holidays are in full swing. For most of us that means parties, hosting, decorating, cleaning, and looking your very best while doing all of the above. Being a woman is difficult at times; we are expected to be super mom, super wife, super employee, and super flawless while completing all of the fun (and daunting) tasks. The holiday season means that we are transformed from mommy and wifey into Super Woman! Here are a few tips that I’d like to pass along to you that will make your holidays much easier. Holiday Beauty Tips for Moms!

Holiday Beauty Tips for Moms


Put Your Hair In A Messy Bun

This is easy, beautiful, and mess free. That means your hair will be out of the way all day long, leaving you with an elegant look that only took minutes to achieve. You can purchase a set of “hairbunz” for less than $5 at most retailers or you can cut a clean sock and roll your hair up to create the perfect bun.

Use Chapstick Multiple Times A Day

It is winter! That means dry, cracked lips. Keep a chapstick in your pocket, car, office desk, and at home. Buy a pack of them and make sure that you have one at all times. Add Chap Stick before you apply your lip color to keep your lips from drying out. Every super woman knows how to battle dry lips!

Be Bold Or Be Natural

The holidays are all about beautiful bold reds, blacks, and grays. You can imagine thick black eyeliner lines, deep red lips, and a lot of false lashes. If this sounds terrifying to you, you can take the natural route. Use warm holiday colors like browns, golds, and greens. Cover your lashes with a brown mascara, rather than a black and use a brown liner to top it off. Finish your look with a lip color that is lighter than your natural color. Be brave during the holidays, whether you are going bold or going natural.

Use A Different Foundation

If you are like most women, your skin becomes pale and dry during the cooler months. It’s important that you find a foundation that doesn’t make you look washed out and that is not too intense. You need a foundation that is moisturizing. You want something lightweight and oil-free. Try to find a foundation that is known for the glow that it gives your skin! You may be Super Woman, but that doesn’t mean that you invincible to mother nature!

Use Argan Oil

Buy a bottle of all natural Argan Oil that can be used on your hair and skin. Argan oil is miracle worker on hair, skin, and nails, especially for the dry holiday season! Add a dime size amount to your hair for extra moisture and shine. Add argan oil to your cuticle to keep them soft and replenished. Apply some to your skin to keep it glowing and radiant! You can never go wrong with Argan oil!

Well  there you have it  ladies. I could go on and on forever about all of the holiday beauty secrets, but I am busy playing Super Woman and I am sure that you are too. Happy Holidays!

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