Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

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The holidays can bring a stress of their own – everyone is home from work and school, the weather can be intense, and figuring out what gifts to get everyone can be overwhelming.

The simplest trick to finding the perfect gift for anyone is to step back and reflect on how you spend your time with them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when brainstorming Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone.

Brainstorming Gift Ideas

When you have the person in mind that you want to find a gift for, go over these questions in your head to help narrow down what you could get for them.

  1. What are they always talking about? – This can be a great clue into what they are passionate about. For example, if your brother is always watching baseball and talking about his favorite player, you could get him something signed by that player or baseball equipment.
  2. What do you do when you spend time with them? – Where do you go and what activities do you do when you are with this person? Do you grab dinner with them often? If so, consider a gift card to their favorite restaurant! Do you all spend time going to garage sales? You could buy them a fun tote to hold all of their goods or a hat to shade them while they are shopping for deals.
  3. What do you think of when you think of them? – When someone mentions this person’s name, what comes to mind? A specific movie, or maybe a candy bar they really love? These are all little insights or clues that create great gift ideas for your loved one!

Thoughtful Gifts for the One who has Everything

Whether you are looking for gifts that inspire fun family Christmas traditions, or you want something that shows it came straight from your heart, these ideas are sure to please.

  1. Homemade treats – These are sure to win the heart of anyone! Bake them your family’s beloved Christmas cookie or really any recipe you are proud of that you know they will love. You can even go an extra mile and get an adorable tin to personalize/decorate for them to store the treats in!
  2. Personalized Christmas Book – This is an exciting idea – create a personalized Christmas book that describes everything you love about them! This will definitely be a cherished keepsake for years to come. You can even personalize the book’s cover and design your own characters.
  3. A furry friend – If this person already has everything, why not get them the best gift in the world – a pet? Depending on the person, pick out an adorable kitten, puppy, hamster, or turtle for them. If you feel that this is too big of a decision for you to make for them, you could always buy them some pet supplies and a gift card to the pet store!
  4. Write them a song – This one would be rather touching. Set aside some time and write a song about your loved one. It could be silly or serious – as long as it’s from your heart. Nothing would get everyone in the holiday spirit more than sitting down on Christmas morning to hear you sing them a personalized song!
  5. All of their favorite little things – If you are truly stumped on what to get this person because they are so specific, utilize that! Think about every little specific thing they love and fill a basket for them. This could include their favorite chocolate, drink, books, pens, sunglasses, makeup, socks, or anything else you know they enjoy. This gift will definitely be exciting for them to open, and you know that it will be useful.

What to do if you’re on a Budget

If you do not have all the money in the world to make everyone’s Christmas full of luxury, fear not.

There are tons of options that are sure to delight each person without emptying out your checking account.

First, any of the ideas above can still be used and possibly just toned back a little bit.

For example, instead of getting them a bunch of pet supplies and a gift card you could get a gift card with a lower amount on it and a cute small pet toy.

Another great option for saving money during the holidays is to do a Secret Santa with your family.

This way, instead of having to buy every individual a gift, you can just focus on the one name you draw and give them a gift that is thoughtful and from the heart.

Also, this option makes it super exciting to see who picked who for gifts on Christmas morning!

Remember, the holiday season is more about spending time with your loved ones and being thankful than it is about gifts.

Whether you can buy them the big-ticket item or write them a song, they are just happy to be with you during this special time of year.

When in Doubt, Ask Around

If you have read through all of these ideas and you still do not know what to do or get for this specific person, ask someone else!

Maybe your mother has the perfect idea or your best friend can think of a great gift for them.

Do not feel bad if you cannot think of anything – chances are you might be overthinking it!

Getting a fresh set of eyes on the case of this Christmas gift search could be the answer to all of your problems.

Also, group brainstorming in general is known to be super helpful because you can bounce ideas off of each other that the other person might not have even considered.

Take a deep breath and start locating your wrapping paper!

By putting yourself in the gift receiver’s shoes you will easily be able to come up with Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone.

And again, if you can’t, just ask for help.

This holiday is about giving and loving and as long as you keep that in mind, everyone will be jolly!





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