Gift buying for children over 10

If you’re looking to buy a new toy for a 11 year old, for example, you might need some help when Gift buying for children over 10.

The crayons of yesteryear won’t cut it anymore…

A spend limit and a trip to the craft shop

Sometimes, you want to get your child a gift that is a little bit different.

A scooter, perhaps?

No, they already have one that they don’t use.

A basketball?

No, where would they use it? Some kind of board game?

Hmm, they’ve already got board games that never come out of their boxes.

This is getting tough. Some sort of video game?

Sure. But which one?

They already have all the games they like.

There’s only one thing for it.

You need a trip to an arts and crafts store with the child in tow.

Set a limit and watch them go.

An 11 year old boy with a new painting kit - Gift buying for children over 10

There’s everything a child could wish for.

Paints, crafts sets, easels, things to glue down and stickers to unpeel, clay and plasticine model making kits, design make t-shirt sets and jewellery making packs.

It’s all there.

Loads of it.

Aisle after aisle of must-have things in shiny packaging.

The only issue is going to be setting a large enough budget!

With any luck, this kind of gift will not only go down a storm, but will become a yearly request and fun day out to share together.

Day-out coupons

If the idea of the craft store doesn’t seem to fit your image of what your child would like to do for a day out, you no doubt have a better idea in mind of what they’d really like to do.

In fact, you probably have more than one idea in mind of the places you know they love to visit.

Can you think of ten?

Do you own a gold or silver pen and some paper?


You can make day-out coupons.

To be redeemed one per week.

12 year old girl pretending to camp with younger sister - Gift buying for children over 10

This is the kind of thing I’d have loved as a child because I enjoyed a host of things that nobody else ever seemed to want to do until we got there and then they’d see how much fun it was.

For example, I used to enjoy going for a meal at the airport café, so I could sip my milkshake while watching the planes.

I used to love days out at the museum, where I would spend hours in the creepy crawly section, watching the leafcutter ants and looking through the small glass window to try to find the sleeping tarantula.

I also had a fondness of hiking up hills, using my grandfather’s hiking sticks and feeling awfully professional about the whole thing.

Have a think. You’ll soon come up with a list of days out you know they’ll love!

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