Fun Valentine Advent Calendar

Have fun with this Valentine Advent Calendar


Try This Simple Valentine Advent Calendar

Fun Valentine Advent Calendar 

This is a cute craft for children to make for their parents.  Teachers, add this to your lesson plan!!

Materials Needed

1 Large Pink Card Stock (I used 12″x12″)

14 blank note cards




Glitter and other embellishments of your choice




Fold each note card, like a match book.  Make a small fold on one end to create a “flap” to hold the other end in place when folded down.  (Refer to photo)




Write the numbers 1-14 on each folded note card using the markers.  Then, glue each note card onto the card stock in order like a calendar. 



Have your child or student write messages under each note card “flap”.  Add glitter, child’s name and date or other decorations as desired.  

The child can give this to their parent on February 1st as a Valentine gift that will give for 14 days, right up till Valentine’s Day!  

I know I would love to start my day with a cute, sweet message from my daughter!



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