Frugal Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion

Frugal Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion

There are so many holidays and special occasions to celebrate throughout the year such as Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, graduation and Grandparent’s Day.

If you want to purchase gifts for those you love for each and every occasion it can get costly after a while.

The great thing is that there are e cards from Hallmark and gifts that are not expensive at all.

The majority of the time, thoughtful, inexpensive or homemade gifts will mean much more to the person receiving them than fancy, expensive gifts.


Frugal Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion


Homemade Gift Coupons

Homemade gift certificates are easy to make and well-appreciated to those receiving them.

If there is a new mom in the family, give a babysitting coupon.

For those who are busy, a home cooked dinner coupon is a great idea.

For an elderly neighbor, a coupon for yard work is ideal.

Your time is one of the best frugal gift giving ideas you can get.



Scrapbooks are a great way to capture memories.

Why not make a scrapbook for someone special?

You can use pictures that you have kept throughout the years.

Also, have people close to the person to write something in the scrapbook.


Knitted Mittens or Sewed Items

If you can knit, mittens are always a welcomed gift for anyone.

I have great memories of my aunt knitting me wool mittens for Christmas when I was younger.

I still have all the pairs she made me safely tucked away.

If it is a little too chilly you could sew an apron or make wash cloths. 


Gifts in a Jar

Gifts in a jar are really a fun frugal gift giving ideas.

You can make food gifts like hot cocoa mix or sugar cookies by layer all the ingredients in a mason jar along with the directions.


Board Games

Giving board games is great for a family gift.

It is the gift that will get the family to spend time together all year long.


Gift Basket for Coffee Lovers

You can easily make a cute coffee lovers gift basket with a coffee mug and some gourmet coffee.


Family DVD

Family DVD’s are the perfect frugal gift giving ideas for parents and grandparents.

You can create a video discussing all the memories you have shared with them throughout the years.

There are many different frugal gift giving ideas. 

What is your favorite gift to give or receive?

Please comment below.


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