Five Easy Ways to Prevent Clothing Stains

I do not have patience when doing the laundry so I need easy ways to prevent clothing stains or I go crazy!!!

I do not have patience when doing the laundry so I need easy ways to prevent clothing stains or I go crazy!!!

As a mother, there are few things I consider myself an expert on.

Getting stains out of clothing is one of them.

In this post I will share five ways to prevent clothing stains on your children’s clothing. 

Keep the kids clean

Okay, I understand that keeping children clean is near impossible.

There are ways to mitigate the risk.

For example, there are products (such as Muddy Buddies) that go over the clothing to protect them from mud puddles.

I also prefer to dress the children in dark clothing, specifically when facing things like grass, katchup, grease, etc. 

Predict Stains 

I know children are 90% unpredictable.

But if you know you are doing something (or going somewhere) that is likely to lead to a stain, put the kids in clothing that already has an impossible stain.

This tip may not qualify as a tip to prevent stains, as the stains might still happen, but at least you will save some pieces of clothing. 

Time is of the essence

When a stain happens, treat it as fast as possible.

If you are out, head to the washroom and take a moment to at least rinse it.

This will likely not take the stain completely out, but it will lighten it and give you a chance to get home and treat it properly.

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent clothing stains.

Treat the stain before washing

This advice comes directly from the laundry guru herself, my mother.

When you have a piece of clothing that has a stain, do not throw it in with your regular load of laundry.

Treat the stain BEFORE it’s first wash.

This helps to prevent the stain from setting. 

Use the correct products and you have the Easy Ways To Prevent Clothing Stains

I recently started using an In-Wash Stain Remover as a pretreatment, as well as a squirt in with my dirtiest loads. 

I highly recommend this strategy


I would love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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