Five Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV!

Five Things TO-DO Instead Of Watching TV!

It’s Thursday night and your favourite show’s are all new. You’ve got your kids to bed on time (win!) and you are all ready to sit down and enjoy your favourite shows. After getting halfway through your first of three shows for the night you realise that you are kind of bored. What now?

Five Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV!

Get moving! Get up and go for a walk.

Walking is not the only activity that is good for you. What about going for a bike ride, running, swimming at the lake or beach! When was the last time you walked on your local trails or went biking with your family?


Evenings are much cooler than our hot summer days. Take advantage of lower temperatures to be outside planting flowers or harvesting your vegetables. Or dealing with all those weeds. We often mow our lawn at night as its much cooler and you can work up a good sweat doing so.

Read a book; sit back and relax!

Taking the time to sit down with your favourite book or new pager-turner isn’t something we always have time to do. You can always get a good book from your local library or ask a friend to swap books with you each month. 

Call a friend/family member.

With growing social media opportunities, how often to you actually pick up your phone and call someone. There is nothing better than having a phone conversation with a close friend or family member that you usually text with. Change it up!

Board Games!

Invite your neighbours over for a round of board games! When was the last time you played cards or a board game? Challenge yourself (and your mind) in a new way other than sitting in front of the television all night.

If you are going to watch TV all night or day, then try to get up and move around. Sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for our health. Even if you get up during every, YES, every commercial break and walk around your house, that is better than sitting for an hour.

These are just a few ideas of other activities you can do instead of watching TV every night or day. Give it try for just one night a week. Again, with the advances in technology you can still catch up on your must-see TV show later on. You probably won’t regret changing up sitting and watching TV one evening or afternoon for a phone call with a friend, evening walk with your family or a little solo time to read your new book.

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