Finding the Right Pest Control Solution for Your Household

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No matter the season, it’s important to protect your home from any number of elements so it’s important when Finding the Right Pest Control Solution for Your Household.

Some include potential intruders, natural elements, and unwelcome pests. Pests, in particular, are a common cause for concern among homeowners.

Pests are common in the summertime when rising temperatures draw them outside and looking for food.

However, when temperatures drop, they’re known to look for shelter and will often wind their way inside homes.

When it comes to protecting your home and everyone inside from pests, there are several avenues you can take to keep your home clean and clear of unwelcomed insects.

Every household is unique, which is why we’ve put together a list of helpful resources and tips for residential pest control.

Professional Pest Control

There are certain projects in and around the home that require a professional hand, and pest control is often one of those projects.

Pests can be challenging to remove if the problem has escalated beyond simple DIY measures.

In those cases, it may be best to call a professional and affordable ​​pest control Mississauga company to ensure your home remains safe and to avoid spending money on chemicals that you’re unable to use.

Sealing Windows & Doors

One of the most significant benefits of securing the windows and doors in your home is eliminating small pests from entering your home.

Older constructions, in particular, are susceptible to pests, allergens, drafts, and several other factors that can compromise the health and well-being of those living inside the home.

The first step is to inspect the areas around your door and window frames for cracks or gaps.

Once you’ve located any identifiable areas, simply caulking around the frames should suffice.

Though in some cases, it may be helpful to install new windows altogether to ensure you’ve reframed and sealed the space correctly.

Set Up Traps

Ridding your home of unwanted pests is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

A simple, low-cost option for pest control in your home is setting up traps in various rooms.

Typically, insects and small pests will gather in areas where they can sense food or water, so you’ll want to set up traps in the corners of your kitchen or behind appliances.

Any mudrooms or entry spaces may also benefit from indoor traps.

Often we find that some foods can be the source of attraction so avoid these 7 Foods that attract pests to your home.

DIY Repellants

When it comes to repellants, there are several chemical brands available.

Still, even the indoor-approved brands can be potentially hazardous inside the home, particularly if you have pets or small children.

Instead, there are creative DIY options homeowners can prepare a natural repellent for fruit flies, drain flies and other insects.

A mix of rubbing alcohol and dish soap is a common home-friendly repellant with low cost and high reward.

There are several additional mixes to experiment with using everyday pantry items, including garlic, coffee grounds, pepper spray, and more.

It may take time to experiment with various repellants to find the one that works best for your household.

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