What It Feels Like To Be Appreciated #ActsOfCaring

I was approached by Mom Central Canada to write a post on Telus’ Grand Gestures Campaign. This got me thinking. What would I want if I could have the day of my dreams? Telus Collage

I came up with a few ideas:

-The Pampered Mom: With a full day at the spa, this day would be a magically relaxing opportunity to let all the stress release from your body. Forget about your responsibilities and just be in the moment. Lunch with several glasses of wine served on real china. Mani and Pedis with a new outfit picked out by a personal stylist would complete the afternoon.

-The Lady Of Leisure: I don’t know about you, but I always have the dream of heading to the mall while the housekeeper cleans the entire house (and I mean everything) and my personal chef prepares the meals. The nanny would be caring for the children (not every day, as I believe being a present parent, but every once in a while would be nice). After dinner the dishes would be done and the children would be bathed and put to bed.

-The Adventurer: Packed up for the day by someone else, I would travel with my husband and children to some wild forest adventure where we would spend the day zip lining and river rafting. The younger children would throw rocks in the stream and find sticks (closely supervised by Mary Poppins of course). Lunch would be prepared and tidied up. Then we would all enjoy a hot air balloon ride. In the evening we would sit around the fire and roast marshmallows.

Telus has always been known to caring about their communities and have just started their Grand Gesture Campaign. They have taken this week (June 25-July 4th) to highlight their desire to put their customers first and make sure they know that their loyalty is appreciated. As a loyal Telus customer myself, I love the idea of being appreciated. Often companies have great perks for new customers, discounts, rewards and gifts, but then after you have signed on, you hear nothing. Telus is working hard to ensure their customers are not feeling that way.  They want to ensure that customers know they are appreciated not just this week, but all year long.

One of Telus’ loyal customers, Ramona, received a full day of thanks with activities created around her love for aviation. Telus will also be spending the week in Guelph, Ontario to deliver gifts and host a barbecue for their loyal customers. They know that a simple thanks can go a long way.


You can also Subscribe to Telus’ Youtube Channel Here.

My absolute favourite aspect of this campaign is that for every use of  the #actsofcaring hashtag, Telus will donate $5 to the Guelph’s Children Foundation. Even though this is not an organization in my community, I am sure that it is helping many families and I am thrilled to support this. 

I have also personally experienced Telus’ Give Where We Live campaign. In our community Telus supports the Walk for Juvenile Diabetes. Seeing staff and senior leaders at events such as this makes me more confident in my decision to continue to give Telus my business.

Now that you have heard about my dream days, think about your own. I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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