4 Tips To Feel More Accomplished Each Day

4 Tips To Feel More Accomplished Each Day

For the longest time I felt like each day that would go by and I have no clue what I accomplished all day. Sure the kids are fed, bathed, finally asleep after what seems like one to many bed time stories but what did I actually do all day? My house looks like toys exploded and laundry is creeping out of all the hampers. 

Sound familiar? 

I have reworked my way of thinking and got to business. 

4 Tips To Feel More Accomplished Each Day 

Make A To-Do List – By making a list it clears your head of those scattered thoughts you have to do for the day. Writing it all out or using the notes section on your phone whatever works better for you write it all down. I start this the night before. I feel like I get a better night sleep knowing I don’t have to think about the millions of things I need to do the next day. 

Routine – Make routines for yourself. I have a morning routine and a night routine. The same thing every day and stick to it. I always know what comes next and can accomplish those basic tasks that if nothing else gets done for the rest of the day because a child needs me I know at least those routine tasks were complete. Make a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time too! It can do wonders for your body to be well rested when it becomes a priority. 

Schedule Tasks – My home management binder takes care of this for me. I find its easier to break down my home cleaning into sections. By scheduling an entire month in advance with smaller tasks nothing gets missed and my house is cleaner than ever. 

Prioritize – You have a huge to-do list? Pick the three or five top things on your list of to-do’s that must get done today. You may have a huge list staring you back in the face but sometimes not everything can be done in one day. Making sure the priorities are done you made headway on your list and the rest can be moved. By doing less but completing a task is more important. 

Do you feel like you get nothing accomplished each day? What are your tips to help you get more done? 


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