Feeding A Family Multiple Meals

Feeding a Family Multiple Meals

When you think of making a meal for your family usually it’s something quick, easy and everyone will eat it. The solution is Feeding a Family Multiple Meals. Keeping that in mind you want to make sure you meet all the nutritional guidelines that are recommended along with everyone’s food preference. It can get challenging when you have a vegan, picky toddler and a omnivore. Welcome to our household.

My husband is a vegan which means no animal products: dairy, eggs, meat, honey, fish etc. Your probably wondering what he eats ? Well, lots of healthy foods and sometimes not so healthy, but doesn’t everybody?  We also have a 3-year-old daughter that was a really picky eater but is slowly coming out of her shell as she is exposed to more foods. Our almost 6-month-old has just started eating food; avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, rice cereal and is breastfed too.

Feeding a Family Multiple Meals

I do my best to meet all of our needs and making sure everyone is happy and has a fully belly after each meal. This is an example of a meal looks like in our house making sure to meet everyone’s needs. Toddler-friendly is simple so she will eat it. The middle bowl has cooked pork for the meat lover and the vegan is straight up stir fry that was made without tofu for a change. Take a look at this example of Feeding a Family Multiple Meals

All Bowls – Basmati rice, carrots, celery, red, yellow and green peppers

Toddler Bowl – add pork (small pieces cut up)

Meat Lover Bowl – add pork

Piper's Run 3 meals TOTS photo

I may have more dishes to clean but in the end I know each member of my family is getting a healthy meal most days of the week.  It’s not always easy putting together a meal for a family if you have other demands in your life; work, dogs, and volunteer groups. There are some days when I have no clue what to make and go for an meat meal for our daughter and I, then leave my husband to fend for himself. The important piece is that sometimes you can’t do it all but you can have a fun time and messy kitchen trying!

How do you manage making meals for your family; picky eaters and all ?

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