Extending Summer with Patio Doors

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Extending Summer with Patio Doors

Living in a Rural Community

I live in a rural southern Ontario farming community.  The summer is full of bbq and super fresh corn from down the street. It also means fall comes fast – as in I already have my slippers and sweaters out of the closet – kind of fast.

There is one thing to learn about Canadians – we try to make our summers last as long as possible. This means we love our decks and our patio doors.  It also means our patio doors need to be as heat efficient as possible. Though we cannot sit outside in the winter it does not mean we cannot look outside and wish it were summer again. 

Temperature Changes

When the temperature outside can drop to -40 Celsius in the middle of winter you do not want the heat from your home to seep outside. What a waste of energy and money.

I have been researching what material makes the best patio doors and have come across Royal Building Products and their vinyl patio doors

I like vinyl doors because they are extremely low maintenance. They will never need to be repainted or rot like wood doors.  Vinyl doors also reduce air leakage, drafts and radiant heat loss and are Energy Star Certified. Not only are you saving money and energy, you are enchancing the resale value of your home. What a win-win. 

And if you needed yet another reason to check out  Royal Building Products their vinyl doors are made locally in Woodbridge Ontario.  

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