Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Organizing your cloth diapers (or disposables) can be a little intimidating when you’re first considering Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas.

All that fluffy goodness needs to be put somewhere!

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Here are some cloth diaper storage ideas and tips to get you started.  

Just remember to have fun and be flexible!  You may start out liking how you’ve got things at first, but you may change your mind later on.  

And that’s perfectly fine.

Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

First, consider where you’re going to be changing your diapers the majority of the time.  

Bedroom, nursery, living room, laundry room, wherever.  

And consider whether you may need two changing stations, instead of just one.  

In fact, if you have a two story home, and baby’s room is upstairs, you may want to consider setting up two changing stations (or you could just have one upstairs and get your daily workout toting baby up and down the stairs every time you need to change).

After you’ve decided where and how many changing stations you need, the next fun thing you get to decide is what holds your diapers.

You can re-purpose a dresser, confiscate a cabinet in the living room, hide them in an ottoman, leave them on display in pretty baskets… The possibilities are endless!  

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This is an excellent option for storing your diapers in the living room. No one would ever know what was in it, and it could double as a footrest or coffee table!


Put a nice cushioned changing pad on top and this would work in the nursery or your bedroom.

After baby is out of diapers, you can use it for all the other stuff that baby will need.

 Here are some other great storage ideas.

How do you store your diapers?

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