Top Educational Apps for Homeschooling and Unschooling

Christmas is just around the corner and kids are drooling over the Christmas Wish Book while parents start scouring stores for the perfect gifts to put under the tree. Top Educational Apps for Homeschooling and Unschooling.

I have three boys so we already have the main toys that boys are interested in: cars, diggers ‘n’ dumpers, Lego, and the like. We also have a small home with minimal storage space so, much to my boys’ dismay, we don’t want to buy toys. It’s hard to be creative enough with gift giving to find something that they can enjoy that will make up for the fact that we didn’t get them that 1435 piece set of tools.

Our big surprise (that I can write about here because none of my children read yet) is that we are planning to buy a TabletTop Educational Apps for Homeschooling and Unschooling
. The boys (my 6 and almost-4 year old anyway, the baby isn’t quite there yet) love technology and, being perfectly honest, who can blame them? I’m also excited to integrate technology more fully into our educational journey.Top Educational Apps for Homeschooling and Unschooling

Audible & Kindle app:

The boys’ tablet will have it’s own account so I can send them pre-screened books to explore. Free Homeschool Deals is my favorite site for ebook freebies. And a friend just found some great books on manners by Joy BerryTop Educational Apps for Homeschooling and Unschooling that I may need to purchase and forward to their tablet too. 

Email: The tablet will have its own email account so I can email neat links to websites or YouTube videos. I can even email printables that they can download and print via our wireless printer.

Google Earth:

Who else loves exploring the world? Geography at it’s finest!

Top Farm:

There are so many farm-type apps but this is our current favorite. It has cute graphics and is simple to use. The boys are learning money management (i.e. don’t buy 10,000 dollars worth of decorations or you won’t be able to buy your candy machine), prioritizing (do I want to expand the barn or the water tank?) and they learn some basic business skills.

Bible app:

YouVersion has cute video plans or I can set them up with their own reading plan and the app will read it aloud to them.


I can’t say enough good things about this app. Web clipper, note taking (both audio and written), taking photos, and being able to access it all across platforms.


Once you understand Minecraft you’ll wonder why you haven’t encouraged your kids to play this game sooner! (For the record, this is the only app that I plan to spend money on.)

Today in History:

(Or This Day In History for Apple products) Kids will be able to get interesting history facts presented in a fun way. Maybe it will lead to more questions. Free history lessons.

Viewer for Khan Academy

Amazing videos on all sorts of topics, including math, various sciences, history and more.

My Incredible Body:

Videos about human body systems and interaction to learn more. (My boys’ favorite is “the poo system,” because there is pizza and poo in the video. Typical boys.)  (Sidenote: I just noticed that this app is no longer free.)

Daily Art:

This app “delivers” one piece of art each day and gives a few paragraphs about the artist and the history of the piece.

Those are just a few of the ways that my boys will be able to play on the tablet. They will play, enjoy, and be educated, all at the same time. And I will be the best mom in the world. And maybe I’ll share the credit with my husband….

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