Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen In 2021

The kitchen is a staple room of the home where families gather to cook, chat about their day and in some instances, entertain when guests are over so jump on these Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen In 2021.

Naturally, you want your kitchen to look as good as the dishes you create and over time, wear and tear can occur causing your kitchen to look a little run down and tired.

Coronavirus may have stopped you gathering with family and friends, but lockdown is the perfect opportunity to do some home improvements ready for that time where you can celebrate again.

Here are some easy ways to spruce up your kitchen this year ready for that moment!

Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen In 2021

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Fablon your kitchen surfaces

Replacing your kitchen surfaces can be costly, time consuming, and overall extremely inconvenient – especially if they work perfectly fine!

Rather than wasting money on new kitchen worktops, consider using fablon to update their look.

Otherwise known as DC-Fix, fablon is essentially sticky back plastic that’s completely water and heat proof, meaning it’s ideal for the kitchen.

Fablon comes in a range of styles, from wood effect to marble so you can choose a design that fits the look you’re after in your kitchen.

It’s fairly easy to apply, but there are loads of videos online showing how to apply fablon to your kitchen surfaces.

The best part?

It’s really cheap to buy and can completely transform your kitchen!

Update your flooring

Over time, floors can obtain scuff marks from shoes and become worn down through general wear and tear.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option to replace your flooring, consider Vinyl Flooring to help spruce up your kitchen.

Not only is it fairly cheap to buy, it looks just as good as regular hardwood flooring.

Much like DC-fix, you can buy a vinyl that suits the look you’re going for in your kitchen.

Vinyl flooring is also fairly easy to fit, but if you’re unsure you can hire a professional to fit your vinyl flooring for a decent price.

Give your kitchen cupboards some TLC

Kitchen cupboards can quickly lose their sparkle through regular use, and although you keep your kitchen clean and tidy, you can’t help but wish your kitchen cupboards looked just a little bit nicer.

Rather than replacing the doors, consider using a paint like Frenchic to give them a new lease of life!

A lick of paint paired with some snazzy new door handles will help change the look and feel of your kitchen in an instant.

All you need is a tin of paint and a little bit of time!

Regrout kitchen tiles

Finally, even the cleanest of kitchens can look scruffy if the grout is old, peeling and discoloured.

Regrouting your tiles can give the impression your tiles are newly fitted, as well as sealing them again to prevent any water or grime from getting behind the tiles.

Grout is super cheap and really easy to apply!

Your kitchen can turn from drab to fab with a few simple steps, so use the ideas above to transform your kitchen in 2021.

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