Easy Steps to Creating a Greeting Card Online

Easy Steps to Creating a Greeting Card Online - Create a personalized greeting card

Even though the world is fast moving towards digitizing communication, we can still find ways to create sentimental moments and express emotions to those we care about with greeting cards so learn these Easy Steps to Creating a Greeting Card Online.

From special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, to random incidents like showing gratitude, and condolences, we can keep in touch with those who matter to us by sending different greeting cards.

One major reason specialized greeting cards stand out from other forms of complimentary communication is that most unique and delightful occasions happen just once a year, so putting effort into making a moment memorable is important.

You can personalize greeting cards even more by adding your own photos.

Nothing says ‘I’m thinking about you’ better than a customized greeting card.


While it’s possible to get store-bought greeting cards at any point, a customized card works best to show intimacy and connection between the giver and receiver.

However, creating a greeting card can be a bit of trouble if you don’t have professional designing skills.

Getting the right dimensions and design that fits your purpose may be difficult if you don’t have the expertise.

So, most of the time, professional help is sought to create these customized greeting cards.

Thankfully, there are now other ways to go about it! We have discovered some easy and free to use online DIY design tools that allow you to create beautiful greeting cards that fit different purposes in a fraction of the time and cost.

Of these, the tool that we most highly recommend is the PosterMyWall free printable thank you card maker tool.

Use this tool to create birthday and anniversary cards from a wide range of available templates.

Easy Steps to Creating a Greeting Card Online - Create a Thank you Card

Creating a greeting card with PosterMyWall

In 4 simple steps, you can create greeting cards for free with PosterMyWall. Here’s how:

Choose a greeting card template

PosterMyWall offers over 10,000 beautiful greeting card designs for you to choose from.

You can get them from the thank you cards template category or use the search dialogue for specific requests.

Clicking on the template allows you to either use the template the way it is or edit to make certain changes.

Whichever way, it saves you the stress of starting from scratch.

Add photos

You may need to add photos to your greeting cards to make them more personalized.

With PosterMyWall, you can add photos from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Facebook. Drag, move, or use the square blocks on the sides of the photo to adjust the size.

Editing your photo can also include cropping, masking, and the use of additional effects to your design.

To do these, you have to select the image to find the ‘Edit Image’ option.

Once you select, you get a dropdown of options, and you select from them.

Add your wish and change fonts

The editor window’s Text tool allows you to add new text boxes and edit text as you wish.

After adding the text, you may change the font, color, and size.

You may also apply effects and touch up to modify the alignment, line height, letter spacing, background, or add shadows.

To do this, select your text and use any of the ‘Edit Text’ options on the right contextual menu.

Save and download

After you may have edited the greeting card to suit what you need, you can go ahead and save your design with the save button at the top right blue top bar of the editor, between the ‘Resize’ and ‘Share’ buttons.

Then, you can also download your greeting card after saving it.

Use the download option that suits your needs.

PosterMyWall offers you different download options from the free basic image to the paid standard and high-res image.

The free basic quality download allows you to download it on social media formats like Instagram and Facebook.

This removes the watermark and will enable you to share the free card online via social media or a messenger app.

The Standard image and the High-res image download formats are recommended if you intend to print the card.

The Standard image option already removes the watermark, and gives a print size up to 12 inches for $2.99.

The High-res Image option allows for printing up to 9 ft. for $7.99.

For printing out your greeting card, getting a Standard image download is a good idea. 

Summing up

Greeting cards allow us to communicate our feelings and wishes to people we care about on an emotional level.

It’s relatively easy to create free greeting cards with PosterMyWall.

Go ahead and make those thank you cards, and tell those that matter to you how much you appreciate and acknowledge them.

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