Easy Paint Splatter Nail Tutorial

So, I wanted to do something new with my nails. I don’t play around with my nails too often and frankly, I’m not very good at it. I am like a toddler. I can’t sit still and I always damaged them before they are dry. Sometimes I paint my skin more than my nails and the polish usually looks blotchy. The last time that I tried to design my nails it looked like a big mess. This is actually what inspired this tutorial. I thought, “Why not embrace this flaw and make it something fun for Summer?” So, here it is folks. Have fun!

Easy Paint Splatter Nail Tutorial

What You’ll Need

  • 3-4 nail polish colors
  • 1 Clear Base Coat (optional)
  • 1 Clear Top Coat (optional)
  • 1 Fan (Makeup) Brush
  • 1 Piece of Wax Paper or Piece of Plastic

Easy Paint Splatter Nail Polish Tutorial - What You Will Need


    1. Apply your clear base coat & allow it to dry
    2. Apply a light colored polish as your base color – I used 1 coat, but you can apply 2 coats if needed.
    3. Pour a small amount of each of the remaining colors on a piece of wax paper or plastic. I used a random plastic lid. 
      Easy Paint Splatter Nail Polish Tutorial - Fan Brush
    4. Lightly dab your fan brush into one of the colors.
    5. Run the polish across your nails. Be sure the streaks are very light and thin, to save room for the other colors.
      Easy Paint Splatter Nail Polish Tutorial - Lightly Brush polish across nails
    6. Repeat with all of the remaining colors until you have reached your desired look. Remember that precision is not necessary. It’s suppose to look like a few tiny paint buckets splattered right on your nails. 
    7. Let the polish dry and then apply your final clear top coat. 

Easy Paint Splatter Nail Polish Tutorial

Viola! You have an easy (and adorable) paint splattered nail design! What colors will you use in your design?

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