Due Date – A Movie Review & Summary

If you want to laugh hard, you should never miss the epic movie of Robert Downey Jr. and Galifianakis. Due date is directed by Todd Phillips, who has directed the world-class comedy movie ‘The Hangover.’ It’s a great comedy movie that has planes, trains, and automobiles. 

Due Date:

Our main characters Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis, played the role of Peter Highman and Ethan Tremblay, and they meet in the journey, and their problems begin. Somehow, they came in a car together and went on the highway. Peter Highman even doesn’t want to see the face of Ethan Tremblay, but his luck fails him, and he has to travel with John. 

The Hangover has successfully cried fans by a laugh, and Todd Phillips made this masterpiece again with a great sense of humor. However, this movie doesn’t count epic as The Hangover because there are some defects in this movie. It is not as funny as the first movies of Todd, but it has many big laughs. However, the story of the film is not much strength to hold off these laughs. 

Pete and Each both have a cute meet at the Atlanta airport. Ethan and Peter knock off at the airport, and then they exchange each other’s bag by mistake. Peter is a reputed, neat, and precise architect with a schedule to meet. However, Ethan is a fuzzy, fat man-child, and both are on the way to the airport for their plans. 

Ethan’s personality is just like Lil Abner, who always has a black rain cloud over his head, but he doesn’t care about anything we do. Ethan has successfully shared his bad fate and characters with Peter and ruin his whole journey. Peter has to carry him forcefully because he doesn’t have any other choice. After all, Peter misses the flight due to Ethan, and Peter doesn’t have money because one pocket picker stole it. 

Ethan has a few bucks to rent a car, and he does. So, Peter requested him to share this cab. Both of them throughout of flight because Ethan used the words Bomb and terrorist with his conversion with Peter. This conversion ruins the investigation with TSA agents, and they both are deported from airports. So, they have to use a car for this trip. 

They have to drive cross country to reach the place. Peter convince to take a ride with Ethan’s rental car only because he has to go to Los Angeles with his wife, Sarah. She is pregnant and will deliver their chiel very soon. Ethan also on the way to Los Angeles to become a big actor. Peter has highly doubted the future of Ethan because of his futile acting skills. 

They stop to meet Peter’s friend, Jamie Foxx, and Ethan’s practitioner in Herbal medicines, Juliette Lewis. These both visits are hilarious and contradicted. Ethan’s dog creates many gags in this movie. These visits may make a significant difference between Peter and Ethan, but Ethan comes to rescue Peter at the time of need. 


The whole movie is full of idiocrasy, emotions, and brotherhood. If you want to make your weekend enjoyable, you should buy vape juice from an Online vape store and enjoy Due Date on Netflix. 


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