Double Sided Thumbprint Keepsake Ornament

Double Sided Thumbprint Keepsake Ornament

Create easy keepsake ornaments with your kids. Rudolph the Reindeer and a Snowman looking up catching snowflakes! Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, you can paint these! 

Double Sided Thumbprint Keepsake Ornament 

Materials Needed

Glass Bulb (color of your choice!)

Non Toxic Craft Paints in brown, black, red, green, white & orange

Paint brushes

A willing thumb!

Ornament hanger

Additional handy items-  paper plate, paper towels

Double Sided Thumbprint Keepsake Ornament


Tip* use the cover to one of the paints as a pedestal to hold your bulb ornament while you work! 

Start by squirting a small circle of each paint color onto a paper plate. 

Lightly press the thumb into the brown paint and press onto one side of the bulb. Wipe thumb clean. 

Repeat using the white paint and opposite side of the bulb.  This time, press twice, one for the head and one for the body.  This is where the paint cover comes in handy…. Sit the bulb into it and allow to dry. 

To create Rudolph –

Use a small tip paint brush in the black to add eyes and a mouth on the brown thumbprint.

Use brown for the antlers and a big red dot for the nose !   Allow to dry for a minute or two before continuing. 

To create the Snowman-

The “looking up” appearance is achieved simply by painting the nose triangle pointing upward instead of to the side and omitting eyes.  Then use black and place dots under the nose for the smile. 

Make the scarf by lightly dabbing the brush in a circular pattern along where the two thumbprints meet.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Add arms, and a few snowflakes and let dry! 

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