DIY Paint for the Shower

Our kids are just starting to transition from taking baths to getting showers alone… yay!  

I will still have two in the tub for quite a while, but our older ones are pretty much independent with things like this now.   

This DIY paint for the shower makes shower time even more fun! 


DIY paint for the shower 

Anyways, about a year ago, when I started telling them that it was time to get a shower, I knew that they had to be enticed a little, so I made a fun activity for them.   

DIY Paint for the Shower

I make my own “paint” and they “painted the shower”.
Hence DIY paint for the shower.
  • First- I fill up a little plastic cup  or muffin tin with shaving cream (it works better if you have a cup with handles) – just a little drinking cup works fine.  
  • You could also use foaming soap instead of shaving cream. 
  • Add one drop of food coloring, of their choice. 
  • Give them a paintbrush and have them mix it up and then paint the shower, while they are in there. 
When they are finished, they each get a washcloth, that I have put in the shower  ahead of time, and they clean the shower walls to get the shaving cream off.  
They then take their cups, rinse them out with the shower water and splash the walls to get the remaining shaving cream or soap off of the wall.  
Our kids LOVE to do this (all of the steps).  
They have as much fun washing the walls as they do painting them! 
They could stay in there for an hour if I’d let them!  ( I love activities that are quick to set up but give them a lot of playing time!) 
How about you?  
What is your favorite bath time or shower time activity with your kids?  

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