DIY Christmas Shower Curtain for Under $20

I once lived in a small apartment, so small that we did not have space for a Christmas tree so the only option was to make a Christmas Shower Curtain.

My daughter turned two this year and I wanted her to have a tree.

I started to think of creative ways to have a Christmas tree in our space and finally I had my a-ha! moment.


So small that we did not have space for a Christmas tree so the only option was to make a Christmas Shower Curtain.


Christmas Shower Curtain for Under $20

I gathered up a few supplies and got to work turning a plain white shower curtain into a glorious DIY Christmas tree.

I left our tree fairly sparse with ornaments because I thought it would be neat to add some as my daughter grows.

The shower curtain is easy to store and can be used year after year.

Materials – Most can be found around the house or at a dollar store.

White shower curtain – I bought the micro-suede type curtain from Walmart for $12

Green Paint – I used acrylic paint as that is what was accessible to me. In further researching it seems you can use acrylic paint on fabric but they suggest diluting it a bit so it is not as stiff. 

Felt – In colors you desire for your ornaments.

Permanent Markers


Paint Brush

How to create your DIY Christmas shower curtain. 


DIY Christmas Tree Shower Curtain

Step 1

Spread out your shower curtain on a large flat surface.

Tip – you may want to place a large piece of cardboard under your curtain in case the paint bleeds.

I also had to iron my Christmas shower curtain as the creases from the package were not smoothing out on their own.

Step 2

Trace a large Christmas tree shape on your shower curtain.

We free handed mine with blue crayon.

If you use acrylic paint it will cover the crayon.

Step 3

Paint in your tree with the green paint.

I used sponge brushes as that is what I had on hand but my edges are not as clean as I would like.

You may have to paint on a second coat (I did).

Painting DIY Christmas Tree Shower Curtain

Step 4

Cut out ornament shapes from your felt.

If you web search ‘ornament clip art’ you will find many different options to use as a template.

Step 5

Decorate your felt ornament with markers and anything else you would like.

This is a great time to have fun and get creative. 

Colouring Ornaments for DIY Christmas Shower Curtain

Step 6

Once your Christmas shower curtain has dried you can put it up and place on your ornaments.

I found it easiest to glue on my ornaments while the shower curtain was hanging.

We left lots of room for more decorations as every year I would like to add more. 


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