DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster

You’ve seen them on Pinterest – the cute DIY chalkboard birthday poster that parents take pictures of their kids with when they turn one! I wanted to buy one that was professionally made, but quickly found out they are on the pricey side. Instead, I decided to make one myself for my child’s first birthday last year.

For under $20 you can make a DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster that is unique and special to you and your family!  

DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster 

DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster Tutorial


Elmer’s Foam Boards, 16 x 20 Inches, Black/Black Core, 3-Count (950025)DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster

OfficeMax Metallic Markers Assorted Colors, 8 PackDIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster


TIP: Buy (2) Poster boards just in case you aren’t happy with the results on your first try!

Step one: With a pencil, draw out your design. Be sure to include fun facts about your kid’s milestones such as their weight, how many teeth they have, nicknames, etc. Any detail that is special makes the perfect birthday board!

If you mess up when drawing, don’t worry and don’t erase it because you can’t really see the pencil once you are completed with the board.

TIP: If you aren’t great at drawing (like myself) you could get a projector and trace the design that way.

Step two: Trace over pencil drawings with a metallic marker.

Step three: You are done! Display and take photos of your kiddo with it! 

DIY Chalkboard Birthday Poster

Remember, they don’t have to be perfect to be special to your little one’s first birthday celebration! It’s the thought that counts and from far away almost everything looks great! 

*contains affiliate links and some areas of the birthday board are covered to protect private info.

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