Reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into a DIY Amazing Jewelry Shelf

DIY Amazing Jewelry Shelf

My partner and I moved into our apartment over two years ago and we are STILL trying to get everything organized. One of the biggest projects on my ‘to-do’ list was finding a storage place for my jewelry. So follow these instructions to reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into an DIY Amazing Jewelry Shelf.

In our past apartment I used two wooden cutlery drawers for storing my necklaces and earrings but living with a baby (now toddler – eeek) did not leave this as an option. We needed someplace out of the way where our daughter could not get into it.

Frequently drooled over one of those mirror/jewelry organizers for the past few years but they take up too much room for our tiny apartment and are way out of budget.

Need a Place to Store Jewelry

I had not been able to think of an appropriate (and cheap) way to store my jewelry, so I just haven’t worn any and have kept everything in storage until this weekend. We are going through a ‘new year so let’s purge and minimize’ phase and that is when I had my a-ha! moment.

My partner was rearranging his clothes and the basket where he was keeping his socks became available. It is a super nice and sturdy wooden box and I just did not want to throw it away. It has been the perfect jewelry storage solution for me.

Now, here is how you can do-it-yourself and make your very own – DIY – Reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into an Amazing Jewelry Shelf

Find your Box

Find an amazing wooden box. We bought our’s years ago at a thrift store for $5.

Reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into an Amazing Jewelry Shelf

Find the Wall Studs

Find the wall studs where you want your shelf to be hung.

Pre-drill Holes

Pre-drill holes where you want your screws to be. Pre-drilling is important because you don’t want to split the wood in the basket with your screws. Screws are used to attach the box to the wall. While you have the drill out pre-drill spots where you want to place nails (or c-hooks) to hang jewelry from. Again, drilling beforehand, even with the smallest drill bit gives the nail or hook a place to enter and minimizes the chances of splitting the area where you want your hooks.

Reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into an Amazing Jewelry Shelf

Drive Nails into Hole

Hammer your nails into your pre-drilled slits making sure you leave 3/4 inch of nail exposed to hang necklaces off of.

Attach Box

Screw your box into the predetermined wall studs.

DIY Amazing Jewelry Shelf

Hang up your jewelry and admire your work. I used empty beer bottles to display the bracelets. Wine bottles will also work if your basket is tall enough. I also hang fabric headbands from the hand holes on the side of the box (not shown in pictures). Get creative and do what will work best for you.

Reuse an Old Basket and Turn It Into an Amazing Jewelry Shelf

How do you display your jewelry?

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