A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt

A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can't Hurt

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You know, kids don’t really care about grass stains on their knees, mud on their shoes or sand embedded in their fingers nails. And neither should we parents! A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt!

A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt

I’m totally fine with my girls coming home with stains and dirt over their clothing if it means they are outside, learning, exploring and having fun. Why? Because I don’t think getting dirty is just a boy thing to do. I can always wash their clothing, use the most environmentally friendly soap if needed and the sun to bleach out those stains. We won’t force my daughters to get dirty but I sure won’t keep them from being creative and explore their surroundings, they need to do that for themselves. 

I enjoy watching my 3-year-old play in the sandbox while my other daughter (8 months old) rips piece after piece of grass out of the ground, eats it and then decides to throw it on the ground. Sometimes I join them in the fun…no not eating the grass but get my hands dirty too. We don’t want to be helicopter parents that makes every decision for my girls but at the same time I don’t want to sit back too much and ignore them while I play on my phone.

A Little Dirt on Your Dress Can’t Hurt

It does Create more Work

It’s a balancing act for us parents. I think sometimes we are afraid to let kids be kids because it may be more work in the end. But in fact, they are learning to discover new things, problem solve on their own, building their self confidence and getting a little dirty in the mean time with out any care in the world. According to a study in 2011, girls who play in dirt grow up healthier! Now that is something to think about.

I hope my girls will learn to dust off the dirt of their skirt, toss the grass around and keep playing before they get to big to “just play”. 

Do you let your girls play in the mud, get grass stains and explore being outside?

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