For The Dad Who Has Everything. Toddler DIY โ€“ Practical, Personalized Gifts For Dad.

For The Dad Who Has EverythingMy partner is very hard to buy for; this is for the Dad who has everything. He has everything he needs and what he really wants we cannot afford (sorry no fancy sports car again this year). 

Father’s Day

The day is particularly tricky. He just started school (a program in plumbing) and with a cut in our income finances were particularly tight. 

However, I wanted to do something. I also wanted a gift that was practical and useful.

Originally I thought of tools but alas they were over budget. Instead I found a tool storage bag for just under $20.00. 

I also wanted the gift to be from our daughter so I picked up some fabric markers so she could decorate. 

The project would have turned out ‘nicer’ if we had used fabric paint but for an 18 month paint can get a little too messy. 

Here are some snapshots of her progress. 

Toddler DIY DSC_5248 (531x800)














She really enjoyed herself and I think it was a great developmental activity for her. Check out the concentration on her face.


Put your child in an outfit you do not care about. We had our daughter in her swimsuit. They will draw on themselves — it’s just going to happen.

Have you had your toddler decorate anything for you? How did it turn out? This is definitely a solution for the Dad who has everything! 


Hey jump in here and let me know in the comments. 


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