Color My World Series #5 ~ Blue. Introducing the Color Blue into Daily Activities.

Introducing the Color Blue into Daily Activities

What do you envision when you think of the color blue? The sky? The ocean? Juicy blueberries? This month, we’ll be taking a look at the color blue.

The color blue is such a fun color. There aren’t as many blue fruits & vegetables as the other colors, but blueberries are SO good.  If it’s warm out, maybe you can go berry picking! Or if the weather is colder, have an indoor picnic.

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 There are some super fun science experiments you can do with the color blue.

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 Make some yummy “clouds in the sky” Jello!  Once you’re done, go outside & see what shapes you can see in the clouds.

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 Here are a few worksheets you can use to teach “blue” to your child :

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Arts & Crafts Activities :


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 Little Boy Blue Coloring Sheet

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 Learn A Little Spanish :

  • blue = azul
  • sky = cielo
  • bird = pájaro
  • blueberry = arándano
  • shark = tiburón
  • whale = ballena
  • cornflower (or cornflower blue) = aciano (azul (m) violáceo)

 Books about the color blue or things that are blue :

Blue Sky

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My Blue Is Happy

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 What else can you do ?

– Pick a day to wear blue clothes.

Ocean Sensory Bag
Add blue hair gel, water animal foam stickers, beads, and glitter to a Ziploc bag. Your child will have fun squeezing and poking his/her little ocean!

– Listen to “blue-themed” songs on You-tube 


That’s all for this month. Join us next month for the color PURPLE !!  Until next time …




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