Destination Wedding or Local? How We Chose To Celebrate Our Wedding

Destination Wedding or Local? How We Chose To Celebrate Our Wedding

I am getting married this summer! When the discussion of a wedding first came up I stated quite determined that I didn’t want another big wedding and I’d rather do a destination wedding. Invite whoever we want if they come they come, if they don’t that’s their choice. We could always do a party at home afterwards for those who couldn’t make the trip but wanted to celebrate. Fast forward to now, we are now 2.5 months away from the wedding. It will NOT be a destination wedding, it will be about 75 people. Which honestly fits into the ‘big’ category for me.

Destination Wedding or Local? How We Chose To Celebrate Our Wedding

What changed my mind? Honestly I’m not sure it was ONE thing.

After numerous talks with my boyfriend about things that mattered to us and what we wanted involved, this was right for us. His parents are unable to travel for health reasons. It meant a lot to him for them to be able to make it. His family couldn’t make it to his first wedding (married away from home), he wanted to make it an option for them to attend. He added a few family members and so did I.

With me coming from a blended family and him wanting to include family the list quickly grew. He wanted backyard BBQ style and I thought if we’re doing it in front of this many people I might as well get a dress. We are keeping it small with only have one person stand up with each of us. We decided to make all the food ourselves. We have asked family to help with their specialties with cooking to help make it easier on everyone. 

So here we are now going ahead with our backyard BBQ style wedding – and the best part – we are happy with the decisions!! What I am getting at is no matter how big or small you want your wedding to be, remember it is a day to celebrate you and your significant other. When working on all the details, and yes there sure are a lot of details, remember why you are having this day. In the end it’s just another detail, is it really worth it? Make each decision you make reflect truly what you and your partner want and together you will make it the best day ever!!

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