Career Choices to Make After Your Kids Start School

So you have made a the selfless choice of putting your career on pause and dedicating yourself to raising your children.

This is not an easy decision, although it comes with great rewards.

But in the back of your mind you are thinking about your career choices to make after your kids start school.

Being able to provide your kids with your time, patience and love is the best thing you could possibly do for them.

What Career Choice to Make After Your Kids Start School

Career Choices to Make After Your Kids Start School

Now that they have grown enough to be self sufficient, it is time to get back to the job pool.

It is not an easy task and will require quite a few adjustments from both you and your family.

In this article we will explore some of the possible options and how to go about the whole process of transitioning.


Find out what it is you want to do

A lot of parents, after spending a few years taking care of kids, do not feel the same drive and passion for their previous job.

So going back to it can at times be quite counterproductive.

This is why it is important to first decide on the career path and what it is that motivates you and where do you see yourself in a few years.


Before deciding on a certain job profile it is important to be clear on what your goals are.

So how much time are you willing to spend away from home, what would be acceptable home to work commute and so on.

Count in the amount of vacation days you would like to have, whether you want flexible work hours or would you prefer working at home.

Given the fact that your return to work will change the family dynamics somewhat it is important to include both your partner and your kids in the final decision process.


What Career Choice to Make After Your Kids Start School
Find out what it is you want to do – Photo by rawpixel


The first steps

Before deciding on the career path or a job you want, it is important to re-brand yourself.

We live in a digital world and first thing a future employer is going to do is Google you.

So make sure you update your LinkedIn account, have a CV at hand and depending on your field of interest consider creating a personal website.

This will all help your re-entrance into the job market, and you will be able to make connections and spark interest in future employer with a lot more ease.


Some career paths you might want to consider

If you decide on a career change, rather than going back to your old job, here are some great career options for a parent just coming back to the job market.


A job in child care

Since you have devoted several years of your life to caring for your own children, opting for a job in child care might be the next logical step.

Now this type of employment requires professional training along with obtaining the proper qualifications that are recognized by your county’s qualifications framework.

So the first step would be to find quality early childhood training options and start from there.

You will be able to choose whether to seek employment at an early childcare center or even open one at home, depending on your personal goals and preferences.


What Career Choice to Make After Your Kids Start School
A job in child care – Photo by tolmacho

IT sector

Opting to work in the IT sector can have numerous benefits for someone just coming back to work after a longer hiatus.

Apart from the flexible working hours and an opportunity to work from home, the IT sector offers numerous options for advancement and learning.

Whether you are interested in joining a digital marketing team, or maybe you want to try your luck in programming.

Both career paths are ever growing and expanding industry that can be quite welcoming to people of all ages and backgrounds, and that is what makes it an ideal option for someone looking for a career change or a career comeback.

So there you have it, the bare essentials of Career Choices to Make After Your Kids Start School and getting back out there in the dog-eat-dog world of employment.

Just don’t forget to pace yourself, and be ready to face some obstacles, but let’s be realistic, after raising a couple of kids, nothing scares you any more, right?

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