Encourage Your Child To Read – Bookboard

My kids love to read. Every one of them. 

After finding one online reading app I found that the stories within the app were not only terrible, but some were inappropriate for my kids. Since then, I had been searching for an app that would keep them reading GOOD books that were age appropriate. 

Well, I found this app and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! So encourage your child to read – Bookboard.

Encourage Your Child To Read - Bookboard

Bookboard has cool features, that were perfect for my family:

1. They have multiple users. With 5 kids, ages 0-8, they don’t all ready the same books. My 8 year old is into chapter books, while my almost 2 year old is enjoying simple words, with lots of pictures.


I love that it not only has the child’s name, but also has an image. Smaller children may find this easier to help them recognize their profile.

2. Bookboard uses a reward system to encourage reading. I cannot tell you how often my kids need to read ‘just one more’ so they can unlock the next book. I will never argue with MORE reading.


3. I can watch and see what my children are reading. Bookboard has a great parent section so you can see how much and how often your children are reading in Boardbook.


4. Last, but certainly not least. Bookboard has great books! Including Barentstein bears and lots of TRUCK books, which is a hit in this house!

Are you interested in Bookboard, but like me, concerned it might not be right for your family? The have a FREE TRIAL! This is what got me hooked. It gave me a chance to see if it was good and if we would get good use out of it.

Once the FREE trial is over, you can decide if you want to subscribe. The pricing is very reasonable, especially if you buy books regularly.

Pricing for a Bookboard six-month subscription is $29.94 ($4.99 per month), and includes unlimited access to Bookboard for up to four readers on any iPad. Bookboard also offers a month-by-month subscription option for $8.99 per month.


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