10 Best Winter Shoes for Toddlers and Affordable!

Shopping toddler shoes are always a chore, and even worst is looking for winter shoes for them! What should your look for when purchasing shoes for them? Today, I am sharing my favorite Best Winter Shoes for Toddlers, and you will be surprised at how reasonable some are!

What should your look for when purchasing shoes for them? Today, I am sharing my favorite Best Winter Shoes for Toddlers, and you will be surprised at how reasonable some are!

10 Best Winter Shoes for Toddlers and Actually Affordable!

When shopping for toddler’s winter shoes, you need to consider three things before purchasing them.

  • Are they easy on & off? – You DO NOT want to struggle with difficult shoes while rushing out the door. 
  • Is Leather or Fabric Soft? – Toddlers will not want to wear a shoe that hurts their feet. So soft and flexible is a must!
  • Do they have a soft, flexible sole? – A flexible shoe will be more comfortable, but it should not twist in the middle as shown here. 

Time to start shopping! 

Best Winter Shoes for Toddlers

This is the perfect winter snow or rain boot! I love the fact that they have no laces because my kids like to play outside a little bit come in and warm up then go back at it.

And, laces that are covered in snow or muddy are hard to tie and even harder to clean. 

Stride Rite is known for making great kids shoes, and these snow and cold weather boots will meet your expectations.

While reading the reviews, the only thing they said was to size up to allow for insulation. Another plus for this boot is it is machine washable! 

If you need a boot for frigid winters, I will pick Columbia Children’s Powderbug! It is rated to -25° so those little toes will be kept nice and warm.

Leather Shoes

When looking for leather shoes, it is important to purchase water resistant leather as in this KEEN boot, because it has been treated to withstand water.

There is a difference in waterproofing… You can get water resistant leather which is a coating applied to the leather or a waterproof membrane.

While the waterproof membrane will perform the best, it is also bulky, and for toddlers, I really wouldn’t recommend it. 

Harrison is a reasonable pair of winter shoes for your toddler! I liked it because it is made sizes 5M to 12M and will work for those little toddlers who want to chase their siblings around this winter. 

You will love how easy these boots are for your toddler to put on themselves!

With the easy side grip, your toddler will be on their way to independence. Bogs are great boots because they are waterproof and have a moisture wicking that will help keep feet warm and dry.

Another great option that your toddler can put on by themselves! The only thing is you want to size up for this boot. All the reviewers said it runs a little small.

If you looking for affordable, but still a great snow boot you cannot go wrong with Nova’s Toddler boots. I was pleasantly surprised at their price.

Nova also has some really cute girls snow boots! 

These are so adorable, but also great for winter!

Other Tips for Winter Shoes:

  • Purchase a to waterproof other boots or extend the life of waterproof leathers.
  • Almost always you will need to size up a size or two.
  • Consider purchasing. Wool is naturally moisture wicking and will add extra warmth. They maybe a little more expensive, but you only need 1-2 pairs per child and they will most likely fit them next year. 

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