Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

If you want to gain more control in your weight loss plans, you must have already heard of how easy and beneficial smoothies are to them – Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss.

Their low-calories aside, smoothies are essentially a drink with hefty loads of nutrients in them; so, you’re not just giving your waistline a favor but you’re also placing your health at a great advantage.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss


Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss (Plus Five Crucial Ingredients Revealed!)

In this post, I’ll be revealing some of the best ingredients that you should include in your smoothie recipes.

Subsequent to them, you’ll also stumble on my best smoothie recipes for weight loss that I’ve proven to both work and benefit my dietary aspirations.

And whether you’re looking for new, exciting recipes to add to your collection of smoothies or you’re just planning to up the level of your weight loss ingredients, consider this post as a godsend!


Weight Loss Ingredients That Should Be Added to Your Smoothies



High in fiber content, berries should be able to keep you full while it boosts your overall health due to its rich antioxidants.

Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries can also act as a replacement for your traditional sugar.

All in all, the taste that comes with them should add a lot of flavor to your smoothies.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with raspberries, blue berries and black berries



If your smoothie is lacking thickness in it, alligator pears should save your day.

Avocados are also known to produce that much-needed creaminess in every smoothie.

Meanwhile, this ingredient supplies large amount of healthy fat, resulting to that certain satiation that can be all advantageous right until the next meal; a huge dose of vitamins and minerals are also bound to be generated in this process.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with avacados


Chia Seeds

Also high in fiber content, Chia seeds are packed with protein that allows you to feel full and satiated.

Healthy nutrients such as calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids are also present in Chia seeds.

On the other hand, these seeds are capable of absorbing toxins right from your digestive tract.

If you want to benefit more from Chia seeds, it’s suggested that you go for their gel form.

This specific form unlocks the said nutrition and is easier-to-digest.

Moreover, the gel variant should add to your smoothie’s overall creaminess.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with chia seeds



Mix cinnamon with your smoothies to help the regulation of your blood sugar levels.

This process is done through the improvement of the glucose’s metabolism.

As such, the total amount of the excessive blood glucose that turns into fat is reduced.

Recent studies revealed that fats, particularly the abdominal fats, can react more dramatically to the effects brought about by cinnamon.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with cinnamon


Leafy Greens

Another low-calories add-on to your smoothies are the leafy green varieties.

The greens such as dandelion, spinach, kale, and lettuce, are also laden with phytonutrients and fiber.

To add variety in them, just make certain that you alternate these greens accordingly.

Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with leafy greens


Tea, water, or ice

Whenever you’re trying to cut down calories, consider replacing the usual milk or fruit juice right from your smoothies with tea, water, or ice.

Teas are a known and great substitute for juice; they also are containing some of the most healthful of nutrients around.

A compound that is believe to benefit greatly your weight loss goals is also included.

For a consistency that resembles like a shake, you may use ice instead.


Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss with tea, water and ice



We all have been there: unsatisfied or feeling that something is lacking relative to our smoothie’s sweetness.

For you to add sweetness in it without being racked with guilt, try using Stevia instead.

This sweetener is all natural and doesn’t come with calories.

It also comes from a plant and is rid of side effects that are commonly associated with artificial sweeteners.


Guilt-free, weight loss smoothie recipes (that should slim you down in no time!)


1.)          The Great Pumpkin

Talk about hitting the bird with two stones.

Or three!

This pumpkin smoothie recipe should not only aid you in your weight loss business but should also slow down your age due to its antioxidant beta-carotene component.

In addition, pumpkin is a known rich vitamin C source and boasts of three grams of fiber which should be enough to fill you up sans the feeling of being weighed down.


2.)          Chia-Berry Belly Berry Blaster

Remember those crucial ingredients we’ve discussed earlier?

Our next entry recipe contains two of these and should be enough to provide a decadent, much creamier smoothie that should boost your nutrient needs.

As it is packed with protein and fiber, this smoothie recipe must kill or lessen your cravings and maintain that level of satiation for hours upon consumption.


3.)          Spicy Tropical Greens Delight

Apart from the metabolism-stimulant pepper ingredient that comes with this smoothie, the spicy tropical greens delight is also known for its diuretic effect.

Meanwhile, its leafy green components such as baby spinach, kale, and collard greens are all boasting of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals!


4.)          The Very Berry Smoothie

If creaminess and a metabolism booster takes a perfect smoothie form, it will have to be this belly-eliminating berry smoothie.

With strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and bananas in tow, your cravings are bound to be diminished while your glucose levels are lowered.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of the nut butter should give you healthy fats and protein that result to a fuller you in a couple of hours.

And with the rich potassium content from banana, you can now kiss bloating with a proper goodbye!


5.)          The Exotic Spirulina

A lean muscle in a cup! That’s what you’re in for when you get to enjoy this low-calorie super food.

This nutrient-filled smoothie is packed with protein that can be easily digested and absorbed.

As such, your body is aided o burn more of the calories and fat instantaneously!


Concluding thoughts


The two sections in this discussion should be well enough to put you right on track with your smoothies, may it be your own way or my suggested Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss.

Either way, these identified ingredients and recipes should ultimately help you in beating bloating, aid you in losing weight, keep your hunger pangs at bay, and bridge your current self to a healthier you!


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