Be The Best Parent You Can… No One’s Perfect and There Are No Awards

Be The Best Parent You Can… No One’s Perfect and There Are No Awards

Really?  Is there anything such as the perfect parent?  Maybe in fairy tales.  In real life, all you can do is be the best parent you can be.

There is no set of rules or principles that will make you the best parent ever.  What you can do is find what works for your family and use that to the best parent you can be.  No more, no less.  There are no awards for Super Mom of the Year.

Be The Best Parent You Can… No One’s Perfect and There Are No Awards

Since I cloth diaper and practice attachment parenting, I might be biased but have you ever noticed how it seems like many people associate cloth diapering and attachment parenting?   I’ve actually started looking into it to see if there was a specific reason or a certain type of person who fits the mold.  What I have found is that often the same people that make that association think these parents assume they are better than others because they do this or practice that.  In reality, there is nothing that makes them go together and nothing that makes them better parents than anyone else.

You have parents who follow every attachment parenting principle to the letter and choose sposies because they would rather spend the time with their kids instead of laundry. Then you have the cloth diapering mom who doesn’t quite follow the principles and doesn’t consider herself to be an attachment parent. Most people though, fall in the middle of the road. For example, I practice baby wearing, when I can. While I love wearing my son, you aren’t going to catch me doing it on a day trip to the zoo. 99% of the time I also use cloth diapers.  But there have been times, when I don’t feel like doing laundry or we are battling a particularly vicious diaper rash that you will see my son in disposibles. It happens.

No parent is perfect… So be careful when you throw those stones about who’s way is better. I’m just thankful I have a kid who’s a handful sometimes and the rest of the time he’s an angel. I have my moments where I want to give up but, I just keep moving forward and knowing the next day will be better. I guess that’s all you can ask for as a parent, that and maybe a little quiet time so you can keep your sanity.

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