Throwing a BBQ on a Budget

5 Tips how to Throw a BBQ on a Budget

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Summer is just around the corner and in my house that means tons of BBQ’s and backyard entertaining! Every year we throw at least two bigger BBQ’s, inviting family, friends and neighbors. Throwing the perfect backyard BBQ can get pretty expensive. You can throw an amazing BBQ on a budget with the right amount of planning.

5 Tips how to Throw a BBQ on a Budget

Make it a potluck. Ask everyone to bring something like a side dish, plates, a dessert it doesn’t matter. This will save you the money to purchase it but also the time to make it. The less things you need to prepare the better. You want to enjoy the BBQ too, right?

Keeping the kids entertained. When planning any sort of BBQ or get together with children you will need something to keep the little ones busy. Buying inexpensive water balloons or a sprinkler is perfect for hours of entertainment. Simple kids love to play with water. 

Limit the liquor. This could bust your budget completely. No one says you need alcohol at a party but if you decide to serve it go light or consider serving a signature drink instead of cases of beer. When you limit to one drink being served it cuts the cost down significantly. You can always ask the guests that drink beer to bring their own 6 pack, this way they know they have their brand there and it won’t go to waste.

Skip the decorations. Yes, I love to stalk Pinterest too but there isn’t a need to go all out. A few streamers and balloons if that is all you need to host a great backyard bash. You can get matching cups, plates, utensils and napkins. Simple yet looks put together.

Shop the sales. If you plan enough ahead you can easily plan the menu based off of what’s on sale. Usually around Memorial Day or the fourth of July BBQ meats and things are pretty cheap. Stock up on a few extras if you know your BBQ will fall after these holidays.

The most important thing about throwing a fantastic BBQ on a budget is keep it simple. It’s about spending time with your family and friends and having fun. 


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