Baby Thank You Cards: The Best Gift To Present Your Newborn Baby During The Lockdown

Becoming a parent is an exciting experience that everyone naturally wants to share with loved ones.

During COVID-19 lockdown however, it’s not been possible to visit a new family member, or the adorable little one of a close friend.

Although social distancing recommendations have impacted on all areas of our lives, if you, a family member or a friend has given birth while lockdown rules are in place, you’ll need to be creative about how you celebrate.

The birth of a new baby is a reminder that even during tough times, miracles and special moments in life are happening around us every day.

In the interim, before it’s business as usual, it’s possible to show your love and support from a distance.

While you may not currently be able to bring all your family and friends together, to honour your newborn baby in the traditional way, you can still announce your baby’s birth and send out baby thank you cards for the gifts that you’ve received in the post.

Introducing The New Baby To Everyone

image of newborn baby - Baby Thank You Cards to welcome a new baby to the family

If you don’t want to postpone or delay introducing the new member of your family to loved ones in current times, you may have to resort to using Zoom or FaceTime.

You can also show off your little treasure to family and friends on social media, so that they can share in your special milestone moment.

Send baby thank you cards to everyone who is counting down the days until they can meet the new addition to your family in real life, and have a cuddle.

Adding a personalised message, on behalf of your little one, will make the thank you cards even more special.

Beautiful Baby Gifts To Send In The Mail

Whether a new baby is on the way, or has already arrived, it’s a lovely and thoughtful idea to send a mailbox gift to welcome him or her.

It’s super convenient to send a mailbox size gift in the mail during lockdown.

image of baby gifts hanging on a wall - Baby Thank You Cards

You can send a mailbox gift that contains a cute newborn baby outfit, a snuggly baby blanket, or a personalised gift, like a photo book, that parents can treasure as a keepsake.

The compact size of the gift means that it can easily fit through the recipient’s mailbox without having to open the door to the postal delivery person.

Mailbox Friendly Gifts For Mum

image of beautiful flowers - Baby Thank You Cards

Congratulate mum for a job well done with a mailbox gift of fresh flowers.

Many online florists offer arrangements of colourful and fragrant blooms that are packed and ready to deliver through the mailbox.

To ensure that mum enjoys the beautiful flowers at their best, you can track the delivery, or send it via a premium courier service.

Great Gifts For The New Mum

When a new baby arrives, everyone wants to shower the bundle of joy with gifts.

This often means that the new mum is overlooked.

If you have a friend who has given birth during lockdown, sending her a self-care package is a lovely and thoughtful thing to do.

image of sweet chocolates - Baby Thank You Cards

For an extra special touch, package up a treat box of pampering products that new mum can use while enjoying precious me-time moments when newborn baby is asleep.

Gorgeous aromatherapy candles, luxurious spa body care treatments, and premium quality chocolates (and other equally delicious foodie items) make excellent gift ideas for a new mum.

If you prefer to send the new mum a gift that is more practical, a hamper that is packed with essential newborn baby supplies will be gratefully received.

You can create your own hamper, or choose a pre-packed one.

Include a selection of supplies and toiletries.

Adding a few packs of baby thank you cards, that new mum can personalise with her own thank you message, is extra thoughtful.

You can also send mum the gift of a bonding top that she can wear, for skin-to-skin contact that encourages bonding, in the first few months of the newborn baby’s life.

Inspired Gift Ideas For The Soon-To-Be Mum

If baby isn’t due to arrive for quite some time, you can celebrate the pregnancy with the soon-to-be mum in a socially distanced manner.

Let your friend or family member know that you’re excited about her good news, by sending her a gift in the mail.

image of coffee and newspaper - Baby Thank You Cards

A subscription gift is the gift that keeps on giving long after baby arrives.

Choose from a wide variety of lifestyle magazines and beauty subscription boxes, and delight the soon-to-be mum month after month.

Alternatively, you can show your love and support with the gift of a special book, a beautiful bespoke journal, or a photo book that can be filled with photographs that capture moments throughout the pregnancy.

And of course you can always delight a stationery-obsessed soon-to-be mum with a selection of beautiful personalised baby thank you cards, and an elegant pen to write them with.

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You!

If you’ve become a parent during lockdown, it’s important to write and send baby thank you cards to everyone who has congratulated you, offered their warmest wishes, or sent you and baby a gift.

image of thank you sign - Baby Thank You Cards

When you’re writing out your baby thank you cards it’s polite to say thanks, and to mention the lovely gift that you have received.

With a new baby to take care of, you’ll be pushed for time, so it makes sense to keep your thank you message short, sweet and to the point.

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