Feed With Love and Respect


Feed with love and respect is one of the eight basic principles of attachment parenting.  

Most people look at this as “you must breastfeed”.  Feeding includes both bottle feeding and breastfeeding, which is like a two for one deal.  Nutrition and cuddle time BUT just because you don’t breastfeed doesn’t mean you can’t do this too.  How about snuggling with baby and a bottle?  I have many friends that have exclusively pumped or feed their babies formula.  I belive that as long as you are spending the time with the child, do what works best for your family.

Mayim Bialik wrote a great article about extended breastfeeding and weaning her 4 year old.  I know I’m sappy but it still brought tears to my eyes.  I know that one day I will tell the story of Peanut’s weaning, when it happens.  I just talked about extended breastfeeding on my blog after an interesting one year check up with the pediatrician. 

As for us, regardless of what the pediatrician says, I am still breastfeeding a rambunctious 13 month old.  My goal is at least two years, but in the end it’s not my decision. It is his.  He will let me know when he is ready, and I will have to deal with it.  

My son grazes all day, and usually we try to sit down for dinner.  Sometimes that just doesn’t work.  He has healthy snacks available at all times, but there are times when nothing by mommy will do.  I love those moments, most of the time.  I try not to get frustrated when those moments happen in the middle of a great post idea or something that I think, at that moment, just can’t wait.  But then I think about the fact that we won’t have these Mommy and Peanut moments forever and I get over it.  I spend my time cuddling with him and looking at him while he nurses.  He just stares up at me with those big blue eyes and I realize there is nowhere else in the world I would want to be.


So what works for your family?

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