Advice From My Hairdresser

Advice From My Hairdresser

Sometimes, I feel like I know a lot about beauty. Other times, I feel like I am completely clueless. When it comes to my hair, I am basically incompetent. Most days I am lazy and just throw it up in a bun. I have never given my hair the attention that it deserves. I know a lot of women that are busy like me and would rather not deal with their hair. That doesn’t mean that hair care isn’t important.

Nothing motivates me to take care of my hair more than a hair makeover. While I was at the salon I decided to take full advantage of my experience. I don’t visit a doctor without asking him a ton of questions, so why wouldn’t I do the same with my hairdresser? Some of the hair care questions, I asked her, but most of her advice she gave on her own. Here are a few tips that I learned from my hairdresser: 

  1. Always rinse your conditioner out with COLD water. Each piece of our hair has strands that branch out of the sides; imagine a rose stem with thorns. When we rinse our hair with warm or hot water, these strands rise, creating frizz and flyaways. When we rinse our hair with cold water, all of the strands are flattened and they stay that way!

This tip has completely transformed my hair. I used to use hair products like gel, mousse, and hairspray every day. Now that I have this tip, I don’t need the products!

  1. Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Most people have heard of not washing your hair every day and that is an option too, but it is the shampoo that damages your hair. Since the shampoo is made to clean your hair, it tends to strip the moisture right out of your hair, leaving it dry and damaged. This is especially important to those of you with very curly hair like mine. 

I learned this tip from my hairdresser years ago and I didn’t believe it would work. Believe it or not, the first week of cutting out my daily shampoos brought back the natural oils in my hair.

  1. Use a hairdryer to maintain your cowlick (or bangs). You know that area in your hair that curls oddly or flips in a strange way? That is called a cowlick. Don’t ask me why. You can tame that cowlick and your bangs in the same way. While your hair is damp, pull out the hairdryer and flip your hair to the opposite side of how you wear it. In other words, if you have a left side part, flip it to the right. Blow-dry it in the opposite direction. Then flip it to the right direction. Do this back and forth, always ending with the natural direction of your hair. This should get rid of that cow lick or straighten those bangs perfectly. A flat iron won’t do that for you!

I got bangs for the first time and my hairdresser told me that straightening them will make them look funny. I used the hairdryer technique and they look beautiful each day! My cousin is a hairdresser and she has a cowlick. This is exactly how she maintains it!

  1. If you have dry or curly hair, do not blow-dry it. I know that it’s hair to stay away from blow dryers, but whenever possible try to avoid them. Hairdryers can really damage your hair making it dry, frizzy, and damaged. If you have curly hair it is recommended that you air or towel dry whenever possible because curly hair is already very dry.

I have never used a blowdryer on my hair and now that I know this tip, I try to avoid it. If I do use one, I never use high heat. 

I hope that these tips are as useful for you as they are for me. My hairdresser sure does know how to make a girl appreciate her hair again!

What advice does your hairdresser give you? Are these tips helpful to you?

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