Activities With Dad. Baking With a Three Year Old

Activities With Dad. Baking With a Three Year Old

I try and incorporate my three-year-old daughter into as much of life as a can. Whether that be sitting on my lap while we mow the lawn, holding tools or passing me nails and screws while we build things or helping me in the kitchen.

My parents have both told me how happy they are that we encourage my daughter to help us in the kitchen because it will help foster a sense of accomplishment to see ingredients turn into a food. But it also helps develop an interest in cooking and food which is important when you get older and have to cook for yourself.

Activities With Dad. Baking With a Three Year Old


Here are the four things she enjoys the most about baking with daddy.

Scooping ingredients. She really likes to be hands-on, reaching into the bags with the measuring cups. She carefully pours things into the mixing bowl.

Stirring. She gets mad when I don’t let her stir. I try and encourage her to be gentle and not too powerful. I have since gotten around this issue by using a power mixer. She likes to turn it on.

Rolling and cutting. When we were making Christmas cookies, she used the wooden roller and did a fantastic job. She realized she wasn’t going to be able to squish the dough any further and handed it off to me and finish. Then she went to town with the cookie cutters. At three years old, she still doesn’t realize she doesn’t have to use only the middle of the dough.

Her apron. My wife bought matching mommy/daughter aprons with cupcakes on them. Before she agrees to start baking, she always asks for her apron. For the record, I wear a glow-in-the-dark killer bunnies apron my grandma sewed for me.

I love baking time with my daughter. Every few weeks we make something. The last time was a pan of brownies. Every couple days since, I have been asked when we are going to make more. She is an eager little baker. I love it.

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