A Guide to Giving Your Bedroom a Whole New Look

For a lot of people, their bedroom is their safe space.

When you’re tired, when you’re sad, when you’re sick . . . all you want is to curl up in your bed in your bedroom.

So, it would make sense that our bedrooms should get a lot of attention.

After all, since we spend so much time in it, we’d naturally want it to look good.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that a lot of people simply don’t put any effort into their bedrooms.

They’ll redo their kitchens, living rooms, and even toddler rooms, but they tend to leave their bedrooms the way they are.

However, if you’re craving change, we’re going to be sharing some ways of giving your bedroom a whole new look.

A Guide to Giving Your Bedroom a Whole New Look

New furniture

Most bedrooms contain a lot of furniture: beds, dressers, closets, drawers, and more.

While furniture is sturdy and generally lasts a long time, you might start to notice your furniture starting to look slightly worn.

So why not treat yourself to a few new items?

If your budget is a bit tight, even replacing one small piece of furniture can give your room a facelift.

If you’re looking for something to really catch the eye, spoil yourself with a statement item like a dresser or credenza.


We often don’t think of lighting as playing an important role in the aesthetic appeal of our bedrooms, but the truth is that no matter how great your bedroom looks, it’s never going to look brilliant without decent lighting.

Utilizing daylight for natural light is great, but what about when the lights go out?

There are plenty of bedroom lighting ideas that are sure to make your bedroom shine whether it’s day or night.

A Guide to Giving Your Bedroom a Whole New Look

Rearrange your room

If you’re looking for a budget option, you can give your entire bedroom a completely new look without spending any money.

Yes, you read correctly.

By changing the way things in your room are laid out and moving a few things around, your bedroom and look entirely new.

This can especially help if your bedroom is cluttered.

Luckily, there are ways of arranging a small bedroom that will help you make your bedroom look and feel more spacious.

Redo the walls

If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, use your walls!

You can create an amazing look in your room without actually using up any space, just by redoing your walls.

You can repaint them to change the color scheme up a bit.

You also don’t need to paint all walls one solid color – there are various fun painting techniques that incorporate different colors, textures, and patterns.

You can also hang things from the walls.

Art is a great way of making your room look classy, while plants can make it lively.

You can hang lights, photos, or anything else you want!

Just be sure not to overdo it and make it look too busy – sometimes, less is more.

Try to find a balance between filling up the empty spaces on your wall without making it look overwhelming.

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