A Brief Home Maintenance Checklist for the Winter

Fall then Winter is approaching here to offer you relief from the sweltering hotter months.

To enjoy the winter without home problems make sure you are preparing your home for upcoming chilly days.

In this post, we’re sharing various home maintenance you should carry out for a comfortable winter season.

Let’s dive in to this Home Maintenance Checklist for the Winter.

A painting contractor uses a extension on his spray gun to paint a overhang on a wood siding residence - Home Maintenance Checklist for the Winter

Repaint Exterior

Even in winter, the exteriors of your house will be exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays.

It is a good idea to apply a fresh coat of high-quality paint to provide your walls with an extra layer of protection.

To further insulate your home, consider using UV-reflective paint.

This will help your home maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Service HVAC

Winters without heating can be unbearable.

Instead of waiting for peak winter to get your HVAC serviced, it’s better to get it up and running ahead of time.

From replacing filters to cleaning vents, make sure your heating unit is working properly.

If you lack the skills, you can involve a HVAC professional.

Check The Roof

If you live in a snowy region, your area likely experiences heavy snowfall every year – because of this, the overhang of your roof might form ice.

This can lead to water seepage and cause damage to your roof and ceiling.

It would be best to regularly clear away the ice and consult a roofing contractor if there are signs of damage.

Switch Energy Plans

With the heating and lights running all the time, your energy bills are likely to increase.

There is no better time than now to compare various energy providers in your area and look for competitively-priced plans.

If you are on the market for a new energy plan, check out Energy Australia rates.

Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is something you should do regularly, regardless of the season.

We recommend that you change the batteries every year. 

Clean Grill & Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing more delightful than inviting your friends and family over for a scrumptious barbeque.

If you have a grill or outdoor kitchen, it’s time to get them ready.

Start by deep cleaning and replacing any damaged parts.

Pressure Wash Driveway

Your driveway has likely accumulated a lot of dirt and grime over the past months.

You should rent a pressure washer and give your home exteriors a much-needed sprucing up.

Prepare Patio

Apart from the outdoor grill, you should also clean and tidy up your patio.

To enjoy the family barbeques, dress up your patio with hanging lights, a fire pit, and comfy seating.

To infuse new life into your deck, you can sand and apply a hard-wearing coat of varnish.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Winters are certainly more bearable than hot and humid summer days; but sitting indoors all day can start to feel a little suffocating, especially because the air can become quite dry.

Avoid this discomfort by decorating your home with indoor plants.

If possible, install a humidifier to further purify the air.

Upgrade Insulation

Just improving heating is not enough to keep your home cozy for freezing days.

It is also important to avoid energy loss by upgrading insulation.

You should replace regular windows with double-glazed windows and weather-strip doors to prevent warm air from escaping.

You should also improve insulation in the attic, basement, floorboards, and garage.

A well-insulated house also ensures lower energy bills.

Final Words

Don’t wait for the height of winter to take care of home maintenance!

Whether you are a new homeowner or living alone for the first time, we hope the above-mentioned tips will help you get your house in order for colder days. 

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