8 Tips to Find a Perfect Vacation Rental

  Are you planning a getaway after being homebound for several months - check out these 8 Tips to Find a Perfect Vacation Rental.

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Are you planning a getaway after being homebound for several months – check out these 8 Tips to Find a Perfect Vacation Rental.

Many people would nod in yes as they are craving a break from their mundane routines.

While we all want to experience luxurious travel, breaking the bank may not be the wise decision.

However, that does not mean you deprive yourself of comfort on holiday.

Whether you plan a holiday with family, spouse, or friends, choosing a rental home makes your stay more exhilarating and luxurious.

However, finding a deal where you get a perfect home that offers a deluxe stay while being affordable requires some extra work.

Here are a 8 Tips to Find a Perfect Vacation Rental.

Check Out Amenities

Luxurious accommodations come with multiple amenities, making your holiday a pleasurable experience.

A fully equipped kitchen helps you save money and cook food as per your taste.

In addition, if your rented home has a pool, you can spend the evenings by the pool or teach your children swimming.

Children often find learning swimming among strangers intimidating.

With a private pool, not only can you teach them or play ball, but also over some quality family time.

But, not all vacation rentals have swimming pools; so make sure to check out numerous options to see if their amenities match your requirements.

To narrow your search down, ideally, you should type the city name with your needs.

For instance, for a holiday in mountainous resort Gatlinburg, you can type gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool and dive into the results.

It is better to check out multiple rental homes before booking one.

Communicate With the Owners

Another important aspect while booking your vacation rental is to interact with the owners before transferring the money.

Communicating with them will give you an idea about how flexible and understanding they are.

Moreover, you might need some help planning out your commute to tourist locations and learning more about the place. 

Talking to owners will give you an insight into the local culture, food scene and entertainment options.

Accommodating owners can turn a good vacation into phenomenal, in case you encounter problems with the place, environment and surroundings.

Good owners will be willing to listen to your needs and cater to your wishes, ensuring your vacation goes smooth.

Read Reviews

Mobile applications have made life easier, allowing people to book rentals and hotels in just a few taps.

However, many apps don’t show detailed customer reviews and it’s no secret that reading authentic reviews is the most crucial step in the booking process.

Customers’ reviews can give a true picture of the services offered.

Before you decide on your vacation rentals, invest some time in reading guests’ first-hand experiences.

Five-star ratings, detailed accounts of the rental, and untouched pictures of the rooms and exterior can narrow down your options and make the booking process hassle-free.

Privacy Matters

One of the reasons people prefer vacation rentals over hotels is they do not want to be disturbed and enjoy their vacation in a private space.

Some vacation rentals are shared apartments or houses where owners share space with you.

While they can be considerably less pricey, they do not offer privacy.

An ideal way to not overspend but still have your privacy is to discuss the issue with the owners beforehand and inform them about your preferences.

This gives you leeway to maintain privacy while cutting down on cost of booking a fully private rental.

Consider Location

Consider the idea behind your holiday.

Some people want to relax and be by themselves on vacation without taking much interest in popular tourist activities.

Others want to check out tourists’ locations, travel like locals and taste traditional cuisines.

Choose your accommodation as per the purpose behind the travel.

Vacation rentals in tourists areas may come with a higher price.

Although you can book a home far away from busy touristy places, you must still consider the location.

Find out the means of transportation and figure out your commute.

Additionally, you must seek information about the nearby clinics or grocery stores before locking the deal.

Don’t Neglect Security

People go on vacation to relax and have a good time; thus, they must do their homework to avoid unnecessary issues.

Security is a major concern, and you should not compromise it at any point.

While booking a vacation rental, ensure that the place has proper security measures in place.

The home must have a burglar alarm, fire alarm, and lockers where you can store your belongings.

Moreover, you must read about the neighborhood to get an idea about the security situation of the place.

While high-end security measures may cost you a little more, it’s important to know your priorities and understand that no money saved is worth risking your lives over.

Push your budget a little and choose only the best.

Check out Maintenance

Vacation rentals might appear uber chic and ultra-luxurious in pictures, but the reality might be a lot different.

You must read reviews and skim through the information to learn more about the maintenance and cleanliness of the property. 

Dirty linen, bathrooms, unkempt flooring or walls can ruin the stay, and guests often leave complaints about such matters on the website or review platforms.

Learn from other people’s experiences and get an idea of the maintenance and cleanliness of the property before making the payment.

You don’t want to pay for poor services and waste money, so leverage this information to cut a deal with the owner.

Plan Methodically

Holidaying can be economical or expensive, but the former requires extensive planning and preparation.

Budget must be the significant factor to consider while looking for a perfectly luxurious vacation rental.

Devise a plan for your vacation, allocate money for your accommodation and search for homes in that window.

Besides, when you dive in to search, you will get an idea about the rates and make plans accordingly.

Before booking, ensure to check out all the hidden charges and see the final print to know the price inclusive of all.


Luxury travel is almost synonymous with expensive.

A vast majority cannot afford to splurge money on five-star hotels; however, they can experience luxurious holiday accommodation without leaving a hole in their pocket.

Modern vacation rentals offer a plethora of facilities, comfort and private spaces.

Booking apps have made it easier for people to become vacation rental hosts, and many people are putting up their homes for rent.

Travelers need to be vigilant while booking one and conduct research to save themselves from falling victims to a scam.

The factors mentioned above will assist you in locking the deal for your next luxurious yet affordable vacation accommodation.

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