7 Educational Crafts for Kindergarteners to do the Week Before School Starts


What activities or crafts can you work with your Kindergarten age child to get ready for school – try these 7 Educational Crafts for Kindergarteners to do the Week Before School Starts.


7 Educational Crafts For Kindergarteners To Do The Week Before School Starts


It has happened before you know it- your baby is ready for Kindergarten!

But are you ready?

More so, though, are THEY ready?

Find out with these educational crafts that will get them ready as you test their skills and knowledge in the things Kindergarteners will need to know and learn. 


Educational Crafts for Kindergarteners to do the Week Before School Starts

Shape Tree

Have your kids draw a tree and color it in.

Then, help them to cut different shapes out of construction paper.

As you call them out, have your child grab the shape you tell them to and place it on the tree.

This can be done at random or in patterns.

This will help them become familiar with shapes, of course! 


Homework Board

Even in Kindergarten there will be homework.

Help your child get ready by helping them decorate a homework clipboard or magnetic board where they can place their homework for review once it is done.

This will help them get used to the idea of homework and show them you expect them to do their homework.

It will also make them excited about homework! 


Behavior Chart 

Much like the homework board, this will help them get used to the ideas of rules and how to follow them.

Their behaviors will be recorded and they need to know that.

Help them get ready for a behavior chart or other system with one at home.

Make it functional and use it. 


Felt Letter Cards

It’s no secret that kids will learn their alphabet in Kindergarten if they don’t already know it.

Help them practice their ABCs and a few other skills with this easy craft.

Have kids cut the alphabet, both upper and lower case, from felt then glue it onto card stock and decorate each letter.

They will learn about cutting, gluing, and flashcards all in one great craft! 


Noodle Numbers 

Much like the felt letters, have kids do their numbers (1-10) on cardstock by gluing pieces of pasta in the shapes of the numbers onto the stock.

If they know 1-10 easily, have them do 11-20, and so on, until they know each set of 10 comfortably. 


Rainbow Paper Garland

ROY G BIV- do you remember that?

Have your children cut out strips of papers in those colors and glue them together in a paper chain of garland.

Make sure they do it in the proper order and understand what each color is. 



Your child is about to learn how to read, so get them ready and enthusiastic by making bookmarks to help mark their space as they go along.

These can be made in many ways with many different materials.

Get creative with yours and help your child express themselves with this craft. 


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