5 Ways to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Memorable

We know that when you first had kids, there were so many things you needed to learn.

But once they were born, and now that they have grown, there is no doubt that your family is everything to you.

And everything that you do is intended to make them the brightest, healthiest, individuals they can be.

We also know you want them to stop growing so they can stay your babies forever, so much so that celebrating their birthday can seem daunting and unwelcomed.

Rest assured, even when they grow, they will always be your baby!

So, get out the candles, streamers, and balloons, and get to celebrating the lovely human you are helping them grow up to be.

a Child's birthday party - check out these 5 Ways to Make Your Kid's Birthday Memorable

Matching Scrunchies

If your kiddo is hitting the age where they may not want to match their siblings or the rest of the family anymore, now might be your final chance to do it!

If you don’t want to torture them (their words not ours), we suggest going for a more subtle matching item.

Something like a scrunchie, and Shop Andi has the best scrunchies around!

They come in different sizes, that way you can get one for you and a smaller one in a matching print for your little birthday person.

They also have practically every color imaginable, along with cute prints, and special holiday items.

So, there is an option for every color palette. Plus, they hold really well, and don’t give you a headache. Win, win!

Custom Lawn sign

If you have a drive-by birthday party planned for your tiny human, then we highly recommend getting them a sign from CanvasPeople.

You can pick from so many Happy Birthday lawn signs, making sure you get the best one to fit their wants just perfectly.

If you don’t want to go with one of their premade designs, you can upload one of your own!

What kid doesn’t want to see their face on a sign?

It is truly the perfect cherry on top of their special day.

Macaron Making Kit

Macaron making kit - 5 Ways to Make Your Kid's Birthday Memorable

If your kiddo is into sweets, and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, this one is a perfect choice for them.

Dana’s Bakery has the yummiest macarons, cookies, and mookies (cookie with a macaron inside it).

But she also teaches classes to you in the comfort of your own home!

You can get them a “seat” for a virtual class taught by Dana herself, and the treat they make will be all theirs to enjoy.

The best part about this, is the class doesn’t just include the instruction, it also includes all the baking items you will need to create your masterpiece.

She sends you a box of ingredients, and you go from there! Simple, creative, and most importantly, memorable.

Candy Care Package

On the topic of sweets…

If your kiddo prefers their sweet treats in the form of candy, getting them a candy care package from Economy Candy might be the best gift they get this year.

You can pick which candy variety you think they will like best, have it addressed to them, and it will be to them within a few days.

They even have retro candy items to pick from.

That way you can go down candy memory lane with your little one, showing them the candy that you used to eat when you were a kid.

Making the day memorable for them, and for you.

Be Present

Ok, we know this sounds like an easy one, but with all the wild happenings of 2020, it has been easy to get distracted.

Especially with phone temptations for them and for you.

If this year has taught us anything, it is that life is short, things can change drastically in an instant, and it is important to take care of those around us as best as we can.

Don’t make the mistake of being there physically, but not mentally or emotionally.

Give your kiddos the time, love, respect, and attention they deserve, and this will be their most memorable birthday yet!

With this list of five birthday ideas, you’ll be on your way to making their next trip around the sun one to remember


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