5 Ways to Make the Most of Spring with Your Kids


Spring always seems to go by so quickly so it really important to make the most of Spring with your kids.



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We wait and wait for winter to pass and, when spring finally arrives, it flies by.

Personally, I’m determined to make the most of the season with my children this year.

We’ve often been so busy that we’ve spent almost the entire spring indoors. 

Not this year! We’re planning to enjoy spring to the full this time.

Try these five ways to make the most of spring with your kids as well!


5 Ways to Make the Most of Spring with Your Kids

Go for a flower walk

Take a stroll with your kids and look for budding or new flowers in your neighborhood.

Gather them up to make a natural bouquet. 

Grab these 7 Summer Crafts for Kids to help your little ones spot native species!


Have an outdoor picnic

Let the children pick their favorite lunch and pack it up to enjoy outside at a local park.

Spring is a great time for picnics, since the weather isn’t too hot (yet).


Learn about local insects

Insects wake up in spring too and lots of kids love learning about them. 

Use this free bug printable pack to introduce your kids to common insects!


Visit a petting zoo

Baby animals are synonymous with spring.

Let your kids get up close and personal with baby lambs, chicks, and more at a petting zoo.


Practice identifying birds in your neighborhood

When the birds return to your area, spend some time observing them and learning the names of each species you find.

The children can even make a graph of the various birds they’ve spotted. 

Want to spot local birds easier?

Make these bird feeders to attract Birds so you can see them Craft Stick Bird Feeder and DIY Bird Feeders


How do you make the most of spring with your little ones?

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Share your favorite spring activities with kids in the comments!

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