5 Ways to Customize Your Child’s Room on a Budget

As a parent, you want your children to be happy and comfortable in their own room and one way you can achieve that is by helping them create a bedroom that feels cozy and special by learning these Ways to Customize Your Child’s Room on a Budget.

How do you let their individualism shine through in a creative way?

Especially when they might change interests as they grow older?

There are several ways to let kids customize their space without having to call an interior designer or painter.

Fortunately, customization doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

Check out these tips to make an awesome space for your kids that you can easily update as they grow.

5 Ways to Customize Your Child’s Room on a Budget

Add Wall Decals

One way to completely change the look of a room without repainting is through the use of wall decals.

Start this method now with nursery wall decals.

It’s a fun and inexpensive way to get your themed nursery started.

When your kids get a little older, let them choose new decals to put up.

They might go from a jungle theme as a baby to Super Mario in middle school.

The neat thing about wall decals is that you can find almost anything you like.

There are even chalkboard wall decals.

Talk about a creative way to change up your walls!

Wall decals are easy to install and take down all on your own, too.

It’s a fun and easy family DIY project.

Best of all, wall decals peel off without damaging your paint.

This is helpful if you decide to sell your home or your child simply is ready for something new.

Keep your neutral wall colors intact and not have lots of bright colors to paint over.

Restore Furniture and Throw Pillows

Did your daughter have a cute pink dresser as a baby but hates pink now as an 8-year-old?

If the dresser is in good shape, give it a face lift.

You’d be surprised what a little paint or stenciling will do.

Bonus: the cost of paint and/or stencils is a lot less expensive than a new dresser.

Painting a dresser or nightstand can really change the look of a room.

So can recovering the seat of a chair with a fun patterned fabric.

Let your child choose a few colors they love and use the furniture as an accent piece.

A bright teal dresser can really pop with the greys and blues of their bedding. 

The same goes with throw pillows.

They add interest to the look of  the room when placed in a cozy chair or on the bed.

Have your kids pick out fabric and sew a new cover for their existing pillows.

If neither you nor your child sews, it could be fun to learn through a YouTube video. Or visit a relative who sews to get a lesson.

Change Up Bedding

Another easy way to customize your kid’s room is with new comforters and sheets.

Maybe they have a specific interest, like Minecraft or a Disney princess.

Find a sheet set to match the characters they love.

Is your child really into pirates?

You could find bedding options that go with a pirate color theme as opposed to buying printed sheets.

Try using some cardboard and paint to turn the end of their bed into the prow of a pirate ship.

Then get an off-white comforter to mimic the sails of a ship.

Add some gold pillow shams for treasure or a pirate flag pillow case.

If your child is into a more bohemian vibe, you can let them select different patterned sheets and pillowcases.

These could match in a color scheme but come in different patterns and materials.  

5 Ways to Customize Your Child’s Room on a Budget


Create Wall Art

One way to let your kid’s creativity shine is through fashioning wall art.

Several hobby stores and online vendors sell blank canvases in bulk.

Grab some and let your child create art to hang in their room.

They could mount treasured objects, or they might be really great at painting.

Either way, they will be proud of their pieces, and they’ll enjoy hanging them in their room.

Think back to the pirate theme.

How cool would it be for your child to paint a parrot in a pirate hat to fly over their bed?

If painting isn’t your child’s thing, they can also cover canvases or bulletin boards with fabric.

Different colors and patterns will make their color scheme dreams come true. 

What about all those art projects they bring home from school?

Frame some and put them up in your child’s room.

It’s a great way to display their work and show them you’re proud of them.

Use some of these ideas to Decorate your Baby’s Nursery.

Add Cozy Spaces for Hobbies 

Is your child a book worm?

Craft a cozy reading nook in the window seat in their room.

No window seat? No problem.

Have them pick out a bean bag and some throw pillows to place in the corner of their room.

Add a bookcase nearby with some favorite books and a reading lamp.

Then add a canopy or curtains around the nook to make it feel more like a getaway.

All kid gets stoked building with Legos, help them build a shelving unit for their blocks.

They can add bins to keep the different pieces or colors sorted.

Add a Lego table with green Lego bases all over it for extra hours of fun for your kiddo.

Better yet, the bins and table just might save you from stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night. 

A neat way to make a race track in your child’s room is through decorative roadway rugs.

Kids can get their cars and trucks out and drive them over the rug’s printed roads.

This saves them from having to continually assemble and disassemble tracks; plus, it adds comfortable padding to their floor.

These five easy tips can transform your kid’s room into a unique and special place.

Depending on your child’s age, they can also be part of the creative process.

What a fun way to spend time together and make memories while creating a space using these Ways to Customize Your Child’s Room on a Budget!

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