5 Things To Take On Vacation (For The Car Ride) – Life Changing!

5 Things To Take On Vacation (For The Car Ride)

With Labor Day just around the bend, many of us will be traveling.  Here are 5 things to take with you on a road trip with kids – because a great ride there sets you up for a great trip!   

We are driving to our vacation (my husband is driving while I type this).  Everyone is so excited to go!

 5 Things To Take On Vacation (For The Car Ride) – Life Changing!

Here are 5 things that are making our trip so much easier!

Library Movies

Oh where would we be without them?  We have four kids, so we used our two DVD players on the backs of the drivers & passenger’s seat to play these movies. The kids in the back can see them, too.


This amazing tiny thing hooks up to the DVD player and it transmits the sound from the DVD player to the whole-car, so we are listening to the movie through our speakers.   It is amazing!   

Blankets (times four)

I can tell you that within five minutes of leaving our house someone is asking for the air to be on or the air to be turned now.  No one is happy with it no matter how we have it, so we just bring blankets and keep the air on.  Cold?  Cover up.  Warm?  Uncover.  Easy enough.

Non-messy snack

Goldfish are a no-no for a car trip.  They fall and get stepped on.   Not fun for the cleanup!   We like to go for things like cheese sticks because they don’t make crumbs, they aren’t sticky and they are small enough to finish in a few minutes.


We love our Leapsters! Enough said!

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