5 Steps To An Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake For Your Child

Birthday cakes are something we take seriously as a family. Every year, we made a homemade cake for my daughter’s birthday. It started with cupcakes for her first, continued with a rainbow tired cake for her second and the third was literally the number 3.

5 Steps To An Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake For Your Child

Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake

Let them pick what they want.

This year, she turned 4. After scanning through Pinterest with my wife looking for princess cake ideas, the birthday girl picked out a design based on Frozen’s Princess Anna of Arendelle. My jaw dropped when I was shown the design of what we were supposed to make.
How exactly do you make a cake with a doll in it and have the cake serve as the doll’s flowing dress? The answer is carefully. But it wasn’t actually as tough as it looked.

Do your homework.

We had to do a fair amount of planning, weeks in advance to pull this off.
After certain mishaps from carving and shaping the number 3 cake last year, we knew we didn’t want to get into that again. Realizing there are new princesses every year and with a sister-in-law who’s expecting her first daughter soon, we thought buying the dress mold was a prudent investment. It will get reused, likely many times in our lives. We also had to order the doll that would fit inside the cake and have it shipped to our house.

Use math and common sense.

When it came time to make the actually cake, a rough estimate of the volume of ingredients screamed out the need to double the recipe. We used a chocolate cream cheese pound cake recipe we found online which turned out great. Even after doubling the recipe, the cake still didn’t quite rise out of the pan so we trimmed off the bottom to get a level base to work from. Pound cake was definitely the way to go for this design. It was fairly sturdy, even after being decorated and withstood a 40 minute drive to the birthday party site. A side note, the recipe called for 60 minutes of baking time. In our case, at 100 minutes, it still a little jiggly in the centre. It turned out fine and we had a great base to ice.

It is awfully tough to match colours

We used a whole container in gel food dye to try and match the Anna dress colour. It was all we had. My wife and I looked at each other and said simultaneously “It’s going to have to do.” Then we laughed. No one said anything at the party. It was an awesome blue icing dress. The guest were too caught up gawking at the cake they couldn’t believe we made ourselves to even wonder if the dress was a few shades lighter.

Christmas white colored sugar crystals = snow and ice

We wanted to add a decorative touch to the cake and Anna’s dress had a flowered pattern to it. But the icing we tried to use for that didn’t stick the butter-cream icing we made the dress out of. So we cleaned up that mess and went a different route. We settled on a plain dress but added the white sugar crystals that only get used a on Christmas cookies and sprinkled it on the dress and around the cake platter. Boom! Instant snow and ice. Boom! Frozen cake!

A month before her birthday, my daughter decided this was the cake she wanted. Sure, we could have spent A LOT of money and had it made professionally and still had to worry about transporting it. But my wife and I were so proud of this cake because we made it ourselves. Our daughter helped made the actual cake before she went to bed the night before her birthday. She was so excited to see it decorated the next morning.
Knowing we made it as a family made it even more special. My mom always made my cakes when I was a kid. I’m so grateful to be able to do the same thing for my daughter.

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