5 Fun Ways to Learn at the Zoo

5 Fun Ways to Learn at the ZooSummertime is a great time of year to explore the zoo with your kids! Even if your children are on summer break, you can still help them keep the learning going by taking an educational trip to the zoo. Here are five fun ways to learn at the zoo!

5 Fun Ways to Learn at the Zoo

Go on a scavenger hunt. 

Challenge your kids to find certain kinds of animals during the trip. For example, you might ask them to find five mammals, two animals that live underwater, or four different kinds of birds. If you’re looking for animal pictures to use for your activity, check out our Zoo Animal Flashcards at Look! We’re Learning!

Pick one animal to explore. 

Take a different approach by choosing one animal to study in-depth. You might focus on elephants and ask your kids to draw a picture of the elephants on exhibit. They can even talk to the keepers to find out how long elephants sleep, what they eat, how much they weigh, and so on.

Learn about habitats. 

At many zoos, animals are grouped according to the type of habitat in which they live. Animals that live in the Arctic might be located near each other, while those who live in swamps might be situated in another part of the zoo. Before you go to the zoo, study a specific habitat with your kids and then research how animals eat and live in those areas.

Take advantage of the zoo’s educational programs. 

Does your zoo offer any special programs for kids? Let your kids try out a class, animal encounter, or day camp! It’ll give them a whole new appreciation for the animals they’ve already seen.

Feed an animal! 

If your zoo offers an animal feeding experience, book a session and let your kids get an up-close look at animals and how they eat. Maybe they’ll even get a chance to feed an animal themselves!

Do you visit the zoo with your family? How do you make learning at the zoo into a fun experience? Share your tips in the comments!

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