5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks

5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks

If you or someone you know is a parent of a toddler, check out these great freebies! Right now on Amazon you can download these handy 5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks These are a great way to learn strategies to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence, learn the secret of raising happy and healthy kids, and much more. The prices can change at anytime, so if you are interested in any of these FREE eBooks don’t wait to download them.

FREE I Like Me: 5 Easy Ways for Parents to Help their Children Feel Awesome About Themselves eBook

Are you having problems getting your preschooler to show that confident, positive sense of self? Are you wondering if what you are doing will bring the right results? “I Like ME” gives you the SHINE parenting strategy which ensures that her/his self-esteem develops positively and stays positive while encountering the challenges of growing in this fast-paced environment. Find out: What is the quickest route to building the self-esteem of your preschooler. What might be preventing you from parenting effectively. What is self-esteem and why it is important at this early preschool age. The 5 SHINE strategies that you need to practice on a daily basis. How to transfer your learning into action. The most common mistakes that hurt effective parenting and how these can be avoided. Some suggested resources which you can use in the future “You can do little for your child if you are not feeling good about what you are doing, and how you are doing it.” (Dr. Eleanor Wint). Whether, you are a Mom who needs a refresher course, a single-Mom weathering the storm, a stay-at-home Dad, a Mom coping with a new culture or a grandparent, this BOOK gives you a real lift!


FREE Raising Happy Healthy Children: A Nanny P Blueprint eBook

The series, “Nanny Notes on Toddlers”, tackles some of the most common issues that parents deal with when it comes to raising children of the ages 1-3 years old. In this blueprint we go over info and tips that have to do with each of these common areas.

You’ll discover a set of strategies for helping you parent your toddler in ways that will have your child feeling happy and confident as he or she tackles these important milestones and issues. To summarize, use these 5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks.


FREE Let Me Do it Myself!: Secrets for Raising a Capable, Confident & Considerate Toddler eBook

This book will help you nurture the best development in a toddler, teaching:

  • How some of the child-rearing changes in recent decades are detrimental to early child development and how parenting with high regard and respecting the child’s dignity can produce the very best results (Introduction)
  • About the brilliant natural learning drives your child was born with (Chapter 1)
  • Why toddlers behave the way they do (Chapter 2—hint: they’re on a mission!)
  • When, and how, to start potty-training (Chapter 3)
  • A new way of understanding intelligence that will be very enlightening and will allow you to very naturally nurture your child’s native intelligence, optimizing their chances to become their best, most brilliant self (Chapter 4),
  • How to get the young child to love reading (Chapter 5)
    Tips for helping young children develop great social skills and become courteous, considerate, and relatable people (Chapter 6)
  • Strategies for handling tantrums and for raising an emotionally intelligent child (Chapter 7)
  • How it all comes together to raise your uniquely brilliant child in your unique family for the best results for your child’s development and the parent-child relationship (Chapter 8) So use these 5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks.


FREE Parenting: The child Care Book: 7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School Through Play eBook

Children needs guidance before going to school and this book contains all of the useful tips for mothers to make their child or children prepared for school. This book is perfectly made for mothers as it has tips for mothers to teach their child or children on How to count easily on their fingers. It is not easy to teach children to count through their fingers but this would give a better tips and strategies on how to make it simpler.

The book is divided in to chapters and by topic. Each of the given topic contains important tips to make your mothering life easier and more convenient for you. You may need this book for your child even during the start of schooling. It will depend upon your decision. Remember that learning starts at home and with the guidance of parents for children. Be sure that your child is able to develop and make success in school. Make use of this book’s tips so you will have no worries when your child enters school in the near future. So use these 5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks.


FREE Parenting: Words They Will Remember: 10 Most Powerful Statements to Develop Lifelong Confidence and Self Esteem Among Children eBook (Kindle Unlimited)

You’re about to discover how to use words to develop self esteem, confidence and the winning attitude. Your children will learn to face any challenges in their lives. Use these 5 FREE How to Raise Confident Kids eBooks.

Here Is A Preview Of The Different Statements That You’ll Learn…

  • You Have A Right To Be Here
  • Do Not Allow Anyone To Treat You Unfairly Just Because You Are Young
  • Your Thoughts Make Or Break You
  • “It Is Not What Happens To You. It Is How You React That Truly Matters.” Epitecus
  • “When You Know Better You Do Better. Do Not Shun Learning. Always Seek To Learn As Much As You Can.” Maya Angelou
  • Much, much more!
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