5 FREE Pregnancy eBooks

picmonkey-imageIf you or someone you know is pregnant, check out these great freebies! Right now on Amazon you can download these handy Pregnancy eBooks for FREE! These are a great way to learn about pregnancy, dramatic physical and emotional changes, major decisions, and much more. The prices can change at anytime, so if you are interested in any of these FREE eBooks don’t wait to download them.

FREE Get Fit For Your Pregnancy eBook

The Benefits of this book:

You will understand and learn how to control any excess body fat. This is important if you want to stay in shape after the birth.
You will learn basic relaxation breathing. Very important during the whole 9 months.
You will learn important Yoga moves and meditation. This is a great way to create the right mindset in preperation for the birth as well as keeping the body supple.
You will learn how to put together a healthy diet plan. This will provide you and your baby with optimum nutrition throughout the months as well as keep the fat off for after the birth.
You will learn how to exercise with the right routines to keep you fit and hopefully ease the labor and speed up recovery.


FREE Pregnancy Week by Week Guide eBook

You are probably curious to know what goes on inside your womb: How your baby is developing. What can be a better way than “hearing” about it from your baby himself? Being pregnant is both an incredible privilege and significant event in the lives of women that are fortunate enough to carry a child. While it’s a time filled with wonder and hope, it’s also marked by dramatic physical and emotional changes and major decisions. For each of those 42 weeks, you’ll get an insider’s perspective – that is, your baby’s view – on how he or she is developing inside the womb and what changes you might be seeing or feeling. This book is also available in a journal format!


FREE Preconception: Improve Your Health and Enhance Fertility eBook

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn is one of the bestselling and most comprehensive books about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care on the market. Now completely updated, expanded, and redesigned, this authoritative book is the “bible” for expectant parents and childbirth educators.

Here is a free sample chapter for you!
In this chapter, “Preconception: Improve Your Health and Enhance Fertility”, you’ll learn about:
• Emotional wellness
• Health
• Health care
• Hazards
• Enhancing fertility and the odds of conception
• Concerns about infertility
• Planning ahead: maternity care choices


FREE Pregnancy: Everything a Mother and a Father Need to Know About Pregnancy, The Good and the Bad eBook

This book contains the most crucial information that is necessary to understand regarding pregnancy. It contains a lot of information on how to take care of your baby from the moment it is conceived until the day it is born. We need to ensure that your baby healthy. The book also has details of the stages of your baby’s growth within your womb and how its growth will affect your body. Additionally, this book covers the dangers that may arise during pregnancy and what you can do in case these things happen to you.

Finally, within the pages of this book you will find the information necessary to help ease all that anxiety that comes with being pregnant, giving birth and taking care of your child. Hopefully, after you’ve finished reading this book, your worries would be lessened and you are wiser about how to take care of yourself and the baby while you are still pregnant…


FREE Parenting: 2-in-1 Box Set Pregnancy eBooks (Kindle Unlimited)

Book1: Pregnancy: Expecting A Baby For New Moms

When that home pregnancy test kit or blood test returns positive, your world spines off. Immediately, you start thinking of all the things you out to buy, all the ways you ought to prepare, and all the changes you will undergo.

Book2: Pregnancy: Your Baby Guide Week For Week

This book gives you a comprehensive understanding of how your baby is developing week for week as well as what it is you should do to ensure you have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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